Data from Oil World show China imported 68,600 MT of lauric oils in March, rising sharply by 39.4% from March year-ago total at 49,200 MT. Palm kernel oil comprised the bulk of import amounting to 55,900 MT (81.4% share) while coconut oil was 12,700 MT (18.5%). Import of coconut oil during the month rose by 39.6% over last year at 9,100 MT while palm kernel oil increased by almost the same rate at 39.4% from 40,100 MT. 

Indonesia was the country’s major source of lauric oil contributing 73.6% from delivery of 50,500 MT (36,600 MT year-ago) which consisted of 39,700 MT (31,200 MT) of palm kernel oil and 10,800 MT (5,400 MT) of coconut oil.  Malaysia supplied 16,700 MT (12,300 MT) of which 16,200 MT (9,000 MT) was palm kernel oil and 500 MT (3,300 MT) was coconut oil and was responsible for 24.3%. The Philippines delivered only 1,200 MT (200 MT) of coconut oil contributing 1.7%.  Supply from other countries was 200 MT of coconut oil (100 MT) only. 

The cumulative January-March figure which stood at 216,800 MT jumped 73.4% from a comparable year-ago period total at 125,000 MT.  Of this total, palm kernel oil was 187,600 MT (103,700 MT), the bulk of which at 140,100 MT (79,700 MT) came from Indonesia. Import of coconut oil at 29,200 MT (21,300 MT) likewise came largely from Indonesia at 23,400 MT (13,800 MT). Palm kernel oil uptake leaped by a massive 80.9% from year-ago while that of coconut oil rose by 37.1%.

May 30th, 2013
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