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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Export of coconut shell charcoal in May at 10,606 MT registered proceeds of USD5.761 million.  The top three markets collectively accounted for 84.3%: India 3,515 MT, Japan 3,102 MT, China 2,327 MT.  Other markets were Sri Lanka 907 MT, South Korea 256 MT, Turkey 227 MT, Germany 213 MT, Sweden 54 MT, Taiwan 5 MT. 

Shipment of activated carbon in the same month was 5,421 MT with turnover of USD10.348  million. The product went to 30 various countries with the first 15, with volume no lower than 100 MT, together comprised 90.8% of the market. Leading the pack was Germany with 798 MT (14.7%),  tracked by Japan 568 MT (10.5%), China 549 MT (10.1%), US 515 MT (9.5%) and 11 others with loads ranging 101-443 MT namely, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Canada, South Korea, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Estonia. 

The second 15 buyers of activated carbon had uptakes ranging 10-99 MT with total volume of 500 MT (9.2%).  This included Dominican Republic, Brazil, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mexico, France, Belgium, Iran, Kenya, Ukraine, Ghana, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Papua New Guinea, Singapore.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Outbound load of coconut shell charcoal in April totalled 6,779 MT with aggregate earnings of USD3.880 million. Key importers were Japan at 3,039 MT (44.8%) and China 2,285 MT (33.7%).  Other buyers were India 707 MT (10.4%), South Korea 489 MT (7.2%), Germany 133 MT (2.0%), Turkey 101 MT (1.5%) and Malaysia 24 MT (0.4%).

On the other hand, export of activated carbon in the same month was 5,812 MT with proceeds of US9.596 million. Market leader was Sri Lanka at 1,310 MT (22.5%), trailed by Germany at 908 MT (15.6%), Japan 576 MT (9.9%), US 524 MT (9.0%), China 420 MT (7.2%), India 349 MT (6.0%) and five others each with market share of less than 5%.  The latter comprised of Canada, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Spain.

Moreover, 19 countries took in volumes in the range 10-88 MT and together comprised 13.5% of the market namely: Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Mali, Mexico, Finland, South Africa, France, Italy, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Singapore, Belgium, Vietnam, Greece, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, 

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, June 21, 2018

External trade of coconut shell charcoal at 7,078 MT generated USD4.036 million in March. Topping the list of buyers was India with purchases of 2,708 MT (38.3%), trailed by Japan with 2,059 MT (29.1%), China 1,625 MT (23.0%).  Four countries took in smaller volume namely Germany 265 MT, Sri Lanka 188 MT, South Korea 184 MT, Indonesia 49 MT.

On the other hand, shipment of activated carbon in the same month was 6,567 MT with turnover of USD11.495 million.  Key destinations were Sri Lanka at 1,120 MT and Germany at 1,001 MT, for respective market shares of 16.3% and 14.6%.  The next three big markets namely Japan 868 MT, US 607 MT, China 550 MT together shared 29.4%.  Ten countries with purchases ranging 103-320 MT collectively was responsible for 26.9%: Italy, Netherlands, Indonesia, Canada, Finland, South Korea, Ghana, Sweden, Russia, Taiwan.

Sixteen countries jointly comprised 12.8% of the market with combined uptake of 879 MT.  Imports ranged 6-74 MT: Dominican Republic, Mali, Ivory Coast, United Kingdom, France, Togo, South Africa, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Estonia, Singapore.  

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