Thursday, May 25, 2017

Official data from the Philippine Statistics Authority show a dozen non-traditional coconut products generated revenue of more than USD100,000 during the month to qualify in the sector’s top exports list. These were: coconut water, virgin coconut oil, hydrogenated coconut oil,  toilet/bath soap, glycerin, coco milk liquid, coco milk powder, husk cubes, shampoo, soap chips, coco vinegar, and coir & coir products.

COCONUT WATER , this month’s top non-traditional export product, generated USD7.469 million from shipment of 6,646,585 liters.  The volume was 12.5% higher than year-ago at 5,905,893 liters.  The United States was almost an exlusive destination controlling 4,275,943 liters (64.3% of total), followed far behind by Canada at 556,020 liters (8.4%), and United Kingdom at 497,285 liters (7.5%).  Limited volumes went to Brazil at 273,940 liters (4.1%), Thailand 230,829 liters (3.5%), France 139,584 liters (2.1%) and Netherlands 114,000 liters (1.7%).  Thirteen other countries shared the balance of 558,984 liters (8.4%).

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL had gross export receipts of USD5.262 million from the sale of 1,655 MT and settled in the second place.  Total volume was 17.6% higher than year-ago at 1,407 MT. Leading market was the United States, capturing 714 MT (43.1%), trailed by Germany at 295 MT (17.9%), Canada 203 MT (12.3%), United Kingdom 116 MT (7.0%).  Smaller loads went to South Korea at 75 MT (4.5%), Brazil 73 MT (4.4%), France 64 MT (3.8%) and 10 other countries with combined volume of 115 MT (7.0%).

HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL which took the third spot turned in USD2.815 million from trade of 884 MT (no export recorded year-ago).  The United States was primary destination at 473 MT (53.5%), followed far behind by Canada at 142 MT (16.1%), Belgium at 111 MT (12.6%), United Kingdom 47 MT (5.3%), Turkey 35 MT (4.0%), Australia 30 MT (3.4%) and four other countries with combined uptake of 45 MT. 

Fourth in rank TOILET/BATH SOAP recorded proceeds of USD2.294 million from delivery of 538 MT. Shipment during the month was 30.5% behind the previous year at 774 MT.  Singapore was principal outlet at 250 MT (46.5%).  Limited volume went to Saudi Arabia 80 MT (14.9%), United Arab Emirates 73 MT (13.5%), Vietnam 44 MT (8.2%), Thailand 27 MT (5.1%), Japan 20 MT (3.7%), Sudan 17 MT (3.1%), Hong Kong 14 MT (2.6%) and 11 other countries which shared the remaining 13 MT.

GLYCERIN with turnover of USD1.693 million from overseas purchases of 2,839 MT landed fifth. Tonnage slightly dropped by 4.0% from 2,959 MT year-ago. Japan was the top destination capturing 1,048 MT (36.9%), followed by China at 881 MT (31.0%), Thailand 425 MT (15.0%), Malaysia 300 MT (10.6%), North Korea at 95 MT (3.4%).  Five other countries had combined participation of 89 MT (3.1%). 

Sixth top export COCO MILK LIQUID had turnover of USD1.150 million from dealings covering 554 MT (421 MT).  Japan was major market at 186 MT (33.7%), trailed by United States at 165 MT (29.8%), Portugal at 40 MT (7.2%), Australia and Germany at 38 MT apiece, Canada 34 MT while four other countries took the remaining volume of 53 MT.

COCO MILK POWDER, which came in seventh, generated USD978,198 in foreign exchange income.  Tonnage was at 244 MT (404 MT year-ago).  There were six country destinations led by Japan at 83 MT (34.0%), tracked by United States at 59 MT (24.1%), Netherlands  51 MT ( 20.8%), Germany 33 MT (13.5%), Taiwan 13 MT (5.1%) and Spain 6 MT (2.5%). 

HUSK CUBES took the eighth slot after earning USD282,789 from sale of 1,501 MT (no export recorded year-ago). There were two country destinations: China at 1,101 MT (73.4%) and Spain at 400 MT (26.6%).

SHAMPOO rounded up the top 9 non-traditional exports contributing USD252,191 from shipment of 98 MT (251 MT year-ago). Chief importer United Arab Emirates took in 50 MT (50.6%), followed by Mongolia at 18 MT (17.9%), Canada 15 MT (15.7%) and seven other countries with combined volume at 15 MT.

SOAP CHIPS held the tenth position and contributed USD247,736 from transactions involving 104 MT(no shipment from previous year). There were only three country buyers: Saudi Arabia at 74 MT (71.0%), Kuwait at 16 MT (15.1%) and United Arab Emirates at 14 MT (13.9%).

Completing the top 12 non-traditional exports were coco vinegar and coir & coir products.  COCO VINEGAR had revenue of USD158,575 from trade of 310 MT (5 MT year-ago).  Saudi Arabia was almost an only market at 276 MT (89.1%). Other markets were Papua New Guinea 12 MT (3.9%), France 10 MT (3.2%) and four other countries that jointly accounted for 12 MT (3.8%).

    COIR & COIR PRODUCTS generated USD132,976 from overseas delivery amounting to 7 MT (1,645 MT year-ago). There were only two country destinations: Malaysia at 5 MT (70.3%) and Japan at 2 MT (29.7%).

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