Thursday, August 24, 2017

Shipment of coconut shell charcoal in May was 3,343 MT with proceeds of USD1.883 million.  Bulk of the month’s delivery at 2,029 MT (60.7%) went to Japan.  Other destinations were China 591 MT (17.7%), South Korea 403 MT (12.1%), and Germany 319 MT (9.6%).

On the other hand, outbound load of activated carbon at 6,856 MT had gross export receipts of USD10.328 million and was channeled to 30 various countries.  Key markets were the US at 1,352 MT (19.7%), Germany 1,245 MT (18.2%), and Japan 1,177 MT (17.2%).  Substantial volumes were also delivered to 11 countries: China 507 MT, South Korea 374 MT, Sri Lanka 318 MT, Canada 228 MT, Italy 215 MT, Netherlands 196 MT, Indonesia 153 MT, Taiwan 151 MT, Australia 135 MT, Brazil 124 MT and Ghana 116, the combine market share being 36.7%.

Smaller volumes at 2-82 MT range were purchased by 16 countries which jointly made up 8.2% of the market for a total of 564 MT namely, Russia, Dominican Republic, France, Belgium, Finland, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Peru, Netherlands Antilles, Senegal, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, India.  

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