Thursday, November 16, 2017

Shipment of desiccated coconut in July was 12,844 MT valued at USD29.632 million. It has the most diverse market, counting 48 country importers during the month.  The US continued to firmly hold the top spot with off take at 4,127 MT (32.1%), trailed by Netherlands at 1,439 MT (11.2%).  Six countries took in volume ranging 500-961 MT and jointly accounted for 31.6% namely, Australia 961 MT, Canada 802 MT, Germany 673 MT, Russia 595 MT, United Kingdom 537 MT, Turkey 500 MT; while 11 other countries had orders in the range 103-475 MT with combined market share of 18.1%, namely France, China, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Israel. 

The remaining 29 other countries had purchases below 100 MT, ranging 0.21-84 MT, and together contributed 7% to total shipment.  This included Japan, Argentina, Hong Kong, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Georgia, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Chile, New Zealand, Mexico, Portugal, Finland, Norway, El Salvador, Czech Republic, Thailand, Lithuania, Guatemala, Indonesia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Singapore.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Export of desiccated coconut in June was 8,023 MT and turned USD18.547 million. The US was principal market at 2,948 MT representing 36.7% of total sales with Netherlands at 1,043 MT (13.0%) and Australia at 646 MT (8.1%) completing the top three destinations. The next set of importing countries jointly account for 22.9% and consisted of Canada 468 MT, Brazil 395 MT, Turkey 317 MT, Malaysia 237 MT, United Kingdom 212 MT, and Russia 207 MT.  

Markets with uptake ranging 101-164 MT comprised 10.1% namely Spain, China, France, Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, while outlets with less than 100 MT (12-98 MT range) collectively shared 9.2%.  The latter was made up of Colombia, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Chile, Thailand, Mexico, Israel, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Estonia, Denmark, Georgia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Peru, New Zealand, and Argentina.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Overseas trade of desiccated coconut in May at 9,029 MT turned in USD21.181 million. The US remained a primary market, cornering nearly one-third (31.2%) at 2,820 MT.  The next three biggest markets namely, Netherlands 887 MT, Canada 834 MT and Australia 630 MT jointly accounted for 26%.  A dozen big country importers with volume range of 101-405 MT collectively shared 33.3% namely Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Russia, France, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and Sweden.  
Meanwhile, 25 other countries with uptake below 100 MT (0.17-96 MT range) together contributed 9.5% namely, Taiwan, Venezuela, Thailand, Belgium, New Zealand, Malaysia, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Colombia, Mexico, Angola, Argentina, Egypt, Georgia, Ireland, Guatemala, Switzerland, Chile, Estonia, El Salvador, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, South Africa, and Singapore.

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