Bulletproof Coffee Extends RTD Line with Collagen Protein

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bulletproof Coffee is expanding its RTD line with more flavors infused with collagen protein in a bid to attract the mainstream health and wellness market with its pioneering use of collagen and Brain Octane oil in coffee.  Collagen as an edible ingredient has mostly been used in powder form to promote bone and skin health.  

Brain Octane oil, according to Michael Campi, director of marketing at Bulletproof, is a Bulletproof original that he describes as a refined coconut oil that helps the body produce ketone, which is the preferred energy source over carbohydrates. If the body does not use the energy from ketones, it gets rid of it rather than storing it as fat the way carbs do.  Bulletproof sells the oil on its own and recommends pairing it with items beyond coffee such as tea, smoothies, salads, an more.

Food and beverage brand Bulletproof, which made its name with the launch of its fat-infused coffee in 2014, debuted its RTD coffee line last year that included an Original+Collagen Protein Cold Brew option.  It also sells Chocolate and Vanilla-flavored powdered collagen protein in pouches that is often used in applications similar to protein powder.  The team said the additional RTD coffee flavors made with collagen protein were the next logical step, leading to its launch this month of Vanilla Latte + Collagen Protein and Dark Chocolate + Collagen Protein.  These new collagen flavors bring the Bulletproof Coffee line up to six, with a seventh flavor in the works for an early 2019 launch. 

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