Performance of Philippine Top Non-Traditional Coco Products Export in July

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority show 13 non-traditional coconut products generated export revenue of more than USD100,000 during the month to qualify for the top non-traditional export products category. The top five non-traditional exports each earned more than USD1.000 million: coconut water,  virgin coconut oil, hydrogenated coconut oil, glycerin and coconut milk liquid.

COCONUT WATER led the pack with earnings of USD9.924 million from export of 8,577,786 liters. Volume was 11.3% higher from year-ago shipment at 7,707,138 liters. The United States was the biggest outlet cornering 4,989,377 liters (58.2% of total sales).  Smaller volumes went to  China with 619,452 liters (7.2%), United Kingdom 548,909 liters (6.4%), Brazil 414,594 liters (4.8%), Netherlands 408,009 liters (4.8%), Japan 270,416 liters (3.2%), Canada 235,400 liters (2.7%), Australia 211,236 liters (2.5%), Taiwan 137,580 liters (1.6%), Sri Lanka 135,625 liters (1.6%), Hong Kong 127,542 liters (1.5%), Belgium 117,000 liters (1.4%) and 11 other countries that shared 362,646 liters (4.2%).

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, the second largest non-traditional export during the month, grossed USD8.203 million from sale of 2,488 MT.  The shipment showed a slight increase by 5.5% from the previous year at 2,360 MT.  The United States  was a major market capturing 1,319 MT (53.0%), followed far behind by Germany at 251 MT (10.1%), Australia 142 MT (5.7%), Netherlands 134 MT (5.4%), Canada 119 MT (4.8%), Sri Lanka 103 MT (4.1%), and 18 other countries responsible for 420 MT (16.9%).

HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL, which took the third spot, had income of USD2.849 million from trade of 746 MT. Total purchases during the month ballooned to more than 49 times year-ago at 15 MT.  The United States  was the primary market controlling 316 MT (42.4%), trailed by Canada at 149 MT (20.0%), Australia 112 MT (15.0%) and seven other countries with combined uptake of 169 MT (22.6%). 

Fourth in rank GLYCERIN recorded proceeds of USD1.953 million from shipment of 2,825 MT.  Delivery during the month was 11.1% lower from same period year-ago at 3,178 MT. China was market leader at 1,875 MT (66.4%), followed far behind by Japan at 483 MT (17.1%), South Korea at 250 MT (8.8%) and nine other countries which jointly held 218 MT (7.7%). 

Fifth placer COCO MILK LIQUID had turnover of USD1.235 million from overseas purchases of 730 MT which saw an increase by 19.5% from same period year-ago at 611 MT.  Top three country destinations were: Malaysia at 250 MT (34.2%), United States 219 MT (30.1%), Canada 65 MT (8.9%).  Eleven other countries shared the balance 196 MT (26.8%). 

The top six export, COCO FLOUR, registered earnings of USD580,540.  The cargo at 423 MT shrank 52.6% from 892 MT of the previous year.  The United States was main destination at 183 MT (43.3%).  Lesser volumes went to Iraq 77 MT (18.3%), Australia 50 MT (11.8%), Netherlands 46 MT (10.8%) and four other countries that collectively shared 67 MT (15.8%). 

COCO MILK POWDER landed seventh and turned in USD478,675 from delivery of 102 MT (294 MT year-ago).  There were five key country destinations:  France at 38 MT (37.2%), Netherlands and United Kingdom at 14 MT apiece  (13.5%), Taiwan 13 MT (12.3%); while  five others jointly were responsible for 24 MT (23.4%). 

PEAT/DUST which earned USD455,949 from external trade of 2,312 MT (1,354 MT) filled in the eighth place. There were only two country destinations with bulk of the load chiefly going to China at 2,280 MT (98.6%) while Taiwan took in 32 MT (1.4%). 

TOILET/BATH SOAP with receipts of USD325,081 after selling 205 MT was number nine in the list.  Purchases during the month shrank by 78.3% same period year-ago total at 944 MT.  Thailand was leading market at 104 MT (50.6%), followed by Vietnam at 43 MT (21.0%), Saudi Arabia at 19 MT (9.1%), Japan and United Arab Emirates at 15 MT apiece (7.3%), and 11 other countries which shared the balance at 10 MT (4.8%). 

COCONUT CREAM held the tenth position with turnover of USD273,701 from transactions involving 385 MT (3 MT).  Thailand was primary market at 179 MT (46.4%), trailed by Netherlands at 163 MT (42.4%) and three others  countries with total purchases at 43 MT (11.2%). 

Completing the top 13 non-traditional exports were: nata de coco, shampoo and diethanolamide.  NATA DE COCO had revenue of USD227,469 from trade of 292 MT (1,055 MT).  Market leaders were Japan at 130 MT (44.5%), China at 52 MT (17.8%), Saudi Arabia 41 MT (14.1%), while three other countries shared the remainder of 68 MT (23.3%). 

SHAMPOO generated USD193,851 from deals amounting to 92 MT (55 MT). The United Arab Emirates took in 49 MT (53.3%) trailed by Mongolia at 20 MT (21.5%), and nine other countries with combined uptake at 23 MT (25.3%).

DIETHANOLAMIDE contributed USD144,685 from export of 85 MT (no export recorded year-ago). There were only two country destinations: Mexico at 72 MT (84.6%) and South Korea at 13 MT (15.4%).

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