Partnership for Organic Harvest Using Biochar

Thursday, December 13, 2018

London restauranteurs, the Hart brothers Eddie and Sam are working with Circle Carbon to inject biochar back into the soil in Mallorca where they use the organic produce in their restaurant El Camino, reported on November 09.  Biochar is a form of charcoal, which is pesticide-free and injects carbon back into the soil, making it fertile once again, reversing the damage brought on by conventional farming.  
Christer Soderherg, co-founder, Circle Carbon said Mallorca used to practice an ancient method of ‘Formiguers’ similar to charcoal-kilns that were used to burn piles of biomass with a soil cover to fetilize their land but the burning of ‘formiguers’ required the harvest of vegetation from a considerable forest area and was in fact destroying land. He has opened a 7,500 sq. meters plantation called Circle Carbon Labs and demonstration gardens to show the difference between using  biochar-based substrate and regular organic agriculture. 


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