Ghee Easy is Fast Rising Brand of Ghee

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dutch start-up Ghee Easy has seen its year-on-year growth double in the past few years, something its CEO and founder puts down to confusion over healthy fats and consumers’ curiosity with new products, reported on October 25. Ghee easy was founded five years ago by three friends,  David Klingen, Bela de Briun and Andres Giel.  

A traditional cooking oil in South Asia, ghee is clarified butter made by boiling butter, which evaporates the water and separates the fat and milk proteins.  Solid proteins are removed by filtration and what remains is a lactose-free butterfat that has a smoke point of 250 C.  Ghee contains 99.8 g fat, of which 62.5 g is saturated fat.  According to Klingen, the success of ghee as a cooking ingredient is also “partly” down to the fact that people are confused about oils and fats, and which one are healthy. 

Firstly, food manufacturers have developed low-fat and diet foods by replacing fat with sugar, creating products that claim to be healthy but are not, he said. Secondly, the unhealthiness of saturated fats is increasingly called into doubt. Consumers are also increasingly curious about culinary alternatives.  “Before, the only fats we used in Northern Europe were butter and lard.  Then people discovered you could press seeds and plants and get oil from that too. My parents’ generation grew up without olive oil, they only used sunflower oil – but every kitchen in Europe today has a bottle of olive oil and now every hipster kitchen has coconut oil.”

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