Nooma is New Player in Sports Drinks Category

Thursday, March 15, 2018

NOOMA is one of a new wave of sports drinks in the US boasting cleaner labels and less sugar, said its founders, professional hockey players Jarred and Brandon Smith.  The duo formulated their own drink because they were not happy with the sugary, lurid-hued electrolyte beverages they were chugging down to stay hydrated.  “We didn’t want to use citric acid or other preservatives, we wanted to keep sugar levels down and we wanted to keep the ingredients list short and simple,” said Smith, who has secured shelf space for NOOMA (short for ‘no more artificials’) in 1,000 + gyms and fitness studios, natural and specialty retailers, and Whole Foods stores nationwide, and built a fast-growing business on Amazon.  

Above all, Jarred and Brandon wanted to create an accessible, organic certified product that would appeal to weekend warriors and elite athletes alike, by formulating something that would replace the fluid and electrolytes, specifically potassium and sodium which are lost when one sweats, without delivering too many calories. Each carton contains water, organic coconut water concentrate (for potassium), sea salt (for sodium), organic natural flavors and organic stevia extract, delivering 30 calories per 500 ml carton and no added sugar (the 5g sugar is naturally occurring from the coconut water). 

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