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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Export of coconut shell charcoal in September at 8,164 MT registered earnings of USD4.185 million. There were seven buying countries with the top three jointly accounting for 86.7% of the market: China 2,687 MT (32.9%), Japan 2,385 MT (29.2%), India 2,005 MT (24.6%).  Other importers were Sri Lanka 686 MT (8.4%), South Korea 290 MT (3.6%), Turkey 104 MT (1.3%), Canada 7 MT (0.1%). 

Shipment of activated carbon in the same month at 6,317 MT generated USD11.666 million. Top market was Japan at 1,066 MT (16.9%) with the next four buyers also holding double-digit market shares namely, US 914 MT (14.5%), Germany 671 MT (10.6%), Sri Lanka 653 MT (10.3%), China 629 MT (10.0%).  Eight countries with purchases ranging 132-341 MT together was responsible for 28.4%: South Korea, Ghana, Taiwan, Netherlands, Italy, Indonesia, Canada, Russia.  On the other hand, 15 countries took in volume below 100 MT, in the range 3-92 MT and together contributed 9.3%: South Africa, United Kingdom, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Romania, France, Israel, Tanzania, Peru, Australia, India, Singapore.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Export of coconut shell charcoal in August at 4,185 MT turned in USD2.513 million.  Key markets were China and Japan.  The former bought 2,096 MT (50.1%) and Japan 2,017 MT (48.2%), while South Korea took in 72 MT (1.7%).

External trade of activated carbon in the same month at 6,975 MT earned USD12.696 million. Sri Lanka was main market cornering 1,514 MT (21.7%) with Japan distance behind at 980 MT (14.1%), then the US 755 MT (10.8%),  Germany 611 MT (8.8%), China 497 MT (7.1%), South Korea 400 MT (5.7%), and Netherlands rounding up the top seven outlets at 391 MT (5.6%).  

Seven other countries had market shares below 5% with volume ranging 107-314 MT and collective market share of 17.9%: Indonesia, Russia, Italy, Taiwan, Canada, South Africa, Sweden.  Meanwhile, 15 other countries with total uptake of 572 MT comprised 8.2% of the market. Uptakes ranged 3-98 MT. This included India, France, Mexico, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Malaysia, Kenya, Peru, United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Singapore. 

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

International trade of coco shell charcoal totaled 6,615 MT and generated revenue of USD3.538 million in July.  China was leading buyer with orders of 3,286 MT (49.7%), followed by Japan at 1,813 MT (27.4%), Sri Lanka 1,089 MT (16.5%).  Other buyers were South Korea 302 MT, Turkey 76 MT and Indonesia 49 MT.

Outbound load of activated carbon was 6,340 MT with earnings of USD11.798 million.  A dozen countries took in volume above 100 MT led by Sri Lanka with 1,125 MT (17.7%), followed by Germany 957 MT (15.1%), Japan 705 MT (11.1%), US 643 MT (10.1%), and China which rounded up the top five at 510 MT (8.0%).  The next seven importers with smaller market shares for a total of 27% consisted of South Korea 363 MT, Indonesia 314 MT, Taiwan 298 MT, Canada 251 MT, Russia 183 MT, South Africa 182 MT, Senegal 114 MT. 

Seventeen other countries with uptake below 100 MT ranging 20-89 MT jointly accounted for 11%, namely Italy,  Ivory Coast, Mexico, Sweden, Kenya, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Estonia, India, Tanzania, Turkey, France, Ghana, Belgium, Israel, Lebanon.

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