...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Shipment of desiccated coconut in August was 16,314 MT worth USD35.778 million. With the most diversified market, this month shipment went to 43 various countries.  The US still led the pack with 5,098 MT representing almost a third (31.3%) of total delivery.  Netherlands with 1,397 MT (8.6%) and United Kingdom 1,032 MT (6.3%) completed the top three.  The next major buyers namely Germany 982 MT, Russia 967 MT, Canada 949 MT, Australia 877 MT, and Brazil 809 MT together comprised 28.1% of the market. 

Fourteen countries with orders ranging 124-409 MT jointly contributed 21.7%: Turkey, China, Malaysia, Japan, France, Spain, Belgium, Uruguay, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Africa, Chile. On the other hand, 21 other countries with total load of 654 MT and uptake ranging 1-75 MT collectively accounted for 4%: Georgia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Argentina, Norway, Thailand, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Mexico, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Egypt, Paraguay, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Jordan, Singapore.

...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Export of desiccated coconut in July at 13,871 MT was worth USD34.394 million. Shipment went to 49 various countries led by the US with uptake at 4,054 MT.  This comprised 29.2% of the market. Netherlands and Canada with respective volume at 1,233 MT (8.9%) and 1,003 MT (7.2%) completed the top three markets.  The next four significant buyers, Russia 898 MT, United Kingdom 876 MT, Germany 731 MT, and Australia 586 MT collectively accounted for 22.3%. 

Fourteen importers with offtake ranging 102-456 MT together held 24.7% of the total.  This consisted of Brazil, China, Japan, Turkey, Uruguay, South Korea, France, Belgium, Spain, Malaysia, Georgia, Taiwan, South Africa, Israel. On the other hand, 28 countries with purchases below 100 MT, ranging 2-84 MT, made up 7.7% of the market, namely New Zealand,  Guatemala, Sweden, Thailand, Argentina, Italy, Chile, Egypt, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Hong Kong, Poland, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mexico, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Fiji, Peru, Serbia, Switzerland, Norway, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore. 

...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, September 27, 2018

External trade of desiccated coconut at 11,077 MT spread out to 45 various importing countries in June generated USD25.744 million.  The US maintained its leading position in the trade with uptake at 3,444 MT (31.1%), followed by Netherlands with 1,578 MT (14.2%).  The next four importers namely, Germany 613 MT, Australia 594 MT, United Kingdom 569 MT, and Canada 507 MT collectively accounted for 20.6%.  Eleven others with purchases ranging 117-411 MT jointly comprised 26.0% of the market: Russia, Japan, China, France, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Belgium.

Some 28 other countries with much lesser uptake ranging 1-94 MT together accounted for 8.1%.  This group consisted of Guatemala, Sweden, Egypt, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Thailand, Mexico, Ireland, Colombia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Georgia, Panama, Sri Lanka, Norway, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Taiwan, Kuwait, Vietnam, Qatar, South Africa, United Arab Emirates.

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