Malaysia’s Primary Industries Ministry to Enhance Usage of Palm Oil Biodiesel

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Minister Teresa Kok of the Primary Industries Ministry said the agency is currently conducting dialogues with industries including the automotive sector and petroleum-based companies on enhancing the usage of biodiesel in the country.   CPO is the main feedstock used in the production of palm methyl ester or biodiesel. As at end-June 2018, Malaysia’s palm oil inventories stood at 2.19 million tons, up a whopping 43 percent, from a year-ago.

“We must get the agreement of all parties but I hope Malaysia will move forward towards that direction just as what Indonesia has done,” she told reporters after presenting excellent service awards to employees of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board.  She was referring to the Indonesian government’s recent announcement of its plan to make the use of biodiesel blended fuels mandatory for vehicles and heavy machinery starting September 01.

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