...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, September 27, 2018

External trade of desiccated coconut at 11,077 MT spread out to 45 various importing countries in June generated USD25.744 million.  The US maintained its leading position in the trade with uptake at 3,444 MT (31.1%), followed by Netherlands with 1,578 MT (14.2%).  The next four importers namely, Germany 613 MT, Australia 594 MT, United Kingdom 569 MT, and Canada 507 MT collectively accounted for 20.6%.  Eleven others with purchases ranging 117-411 MT jointly comprised 26.0% of the market: Russia, Japan, China, France, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Belgium.

Some 28 other countries with much lesser uptake ranging 1-94 MT together accounted for 8.1%.  This group consisted of Guatemala, Sweden, Egypt, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Thailand, Mexico, Ireland, Colombia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Georgia, Panama, Sri Lanka, Norway, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Taiwan, Kuwait, Vietnam, Qatar, South Africa, United Arab Emirates.

...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sales of desiccated coconut overseas in May which totaled 8,285 MT generated USD19.687 million in foreign exchange earnings. There were 40 country importers with the top two cornering more than 40%.  Leading the pack was the US with 2,253 MT (27.2%) followed by the Netherlands 1,173 MT (14.2%), Australia 978 MT (11.8%), United Kingdom 585 MT (7.1%) and 11 others with purchases ranging 105-360 MT for a combined market share of 29.6% namely, Turkey, France, Canada, Germany, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Chile, China, Japan, Uruguay.  

On the other hand, 25 country buyers with orders ranging 4-82 MT collectively contributed 10.1%.  The group consisted of the following: Israel, Belgium, Malaysia, Ecuador, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand, Syria, Brazil, Hong Kong, Estonia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Argentina.

...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, August 9, 2018

External trade of desiccated coconut in April at 7,671 MT generated USD17.194 million and was channelled to 40 various countries. Leading the pack was the US with offtake at 2,360 MT (30.8%), followed by Netherlands 1,223 MT (15.9%) and 16 others with combined share of 44.1% namely, Australia 451 MT, Canada 400 MT, United Kingdom 285 MT, Russia 240 MT, France 228 MT, Thailand 214 MT, Belgium 205 MT, South Korea 205 MT, Spain 190 MT, Germany 156 MT, Sweden 155 MT, Iran 147 MT, Taiwan 141 MT, China 137 MT, Chile 125 MT, Uruguay 105 MT.

The remaining 22 countries took in volume ranging 680 kilograms-76 MT and collectively accounted for 9.2%.  This included the following: Turkey, Ecuador, Portugal, South Africa, Hong Kong, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Argentina, New Zealand, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Estonia, Guatemala, Israel, Peru, Italy, Norway, Lithuania, Colombia, Greece, Singapore.  

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