Cargill Launches Digital Platform for a Streamlined Ordering Process

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Recognizing that business in the modern world never stops, ingredient-supplier Cargill is launching a digital platform that will allow customers 24-hour access to key product and safety information as well as a streamlined ordering process, FoodNavigator -USA reported last week.  Cargill began piloting earlier this spring with 12 of its global edible oils customers a suite of digital tools that will streamline business practices, ease some of the stress and complication of ordering and provide access to product information in minutes at any time of day or night, Gonzalo Petschen, the North American leader of Cargill’s edible oil business, told FoodNavigator-USA.  

“During our launch with a pilot group of edible oil customers, they will be able to place and manage orders online, review invoices, review food safety information and look at product specification information, and it will all be personalized to them and the business that they do with us over time,” he said.  He explained this will give Cargill’s customers speed and flexibility compared to the current system which requires them to call a customer service rep to answer questions. 
While the “digital front door” is currently focused on a small set of edible oil consumers, Pretschen said the plan is to add more edible oil customers in the coming year and eventually make the platform available to other ingredient customers in other regions.

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