Destinations of Coconut Oil Export in April

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Export of coconut oil still comprised largely of crude coconut oil at 94,607 MT, followed by cochin (refined, bleached) oil at 15,436 MT and RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized) oil at 13,904 MT.  The combined value of these oil amounted to USD97.053 million. 

Europe remained primary market for coconut oil with combined uptake of the three types of oil at 53,897 MT (43.6% of total), followed by the US with 26,130 MT (21.1%), Malaysia 20,000 MT (16.2%), Indonesia 15,000 MT (12.1%), China 6,250 MT (5.1%), Japan 1,780 MT (1.4%) and seven other countries with much lesser market shares.

Europe continued as leading market for crude coconut oil reponsible for 48,541 MT (Netherlands), trailed by Malaysia with 20,000 MT, Indonesia 15,000 MT, the US 10,500 MT, Thailand 400 MT, and Iran 166 MT. The US, however, led in cochin oil at 8,508 MT, followed by Europe 4,162 MT (Netherlands), Japan 1,749 MT and China 1,017 MT.

The US also took the lead in RBD oil with uptake at 7,122 MT, tracked by China at 5,263 MT, Europe 1,195 MT (Netherlands),  China 119 MT, Iran 80 MT, Vietnam 34 MT, Japan 31 MT, Pakistan 21 MT, Canada 20 MT,  South Africa 19 MT.    

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