Destinations of Coconut Oil Export in December

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Export of coconut oil in December consisted of 74,094 MT crude coconut oil, 15,823 MT cochin (refined, bleached) oil, and 4,570 MT RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized) oil, with aggregate value of USD79.283 million. Europe was top destination with combined uptake of 54,683 MT, trailed by the US with 28,394 MT, China 4,673 MT, Panama 4,500 MT and Japan 1,767 MT.
Crude coconut oil was shipped largely to Europe at 54,208 MT (Netherlands 48,708, Spain 4,500, Italy 1,000) followed by the US at 15,214 MT, Panama 4,500 MT, and Sri Lanka 172 MT.  The US took the lead in cochin oil at 12,837 MT, followed by China at 1,780 MT and Japan at 1,206 MT.  China was primary market for RBD coconut oil at 2,893 MT, trailed by Japan at 561 MT, Europe at 474 MT (Netherlands 381, Poland 83, Germany 10), US 343 MT, Taiwan 200 MT, Malaysia 61 MT, Singapore 20 MT, Vietnam 17 MT.

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