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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Export of coconut shell charcoal which totaled 5,303 MT in March generated USD2.425 million in foreign exchange income. Principal market was China with 2,823 MT (53.2%) trailed by Japan with 1,853 MT (34.9%).  Other foreign outlets were Thailand with 534 MT (10.7%). and South Korea with 93 MT (1.7%).

Activated carbon shipout at 5,771 MT registered turnover of USD10.329 million in the same month but was delivered to 28 destinations worldwide.  Japan as prime importer took in 925 MT (16.0%).  Four other major buyers such as the US with 695 MT, Germany 660 MT, China 613 MT and Sri Lanka 607 MT collectively comprised 44.6% of the market while eight others with uptake ranging 114-317 MT together was responsible for 29.5%.

The latter group consisted of Russia, Ghana, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Ivory Coast. On the other hand, 15 countries which took in volume ranging 3-97 MT jointly accounted for 9.9%.  This included the following: Peru, Australia, Indonesia, Estonia, Finland, Egypt, Tanzania, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Malaysia, Romania, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Export of  coco shell charcoal amounting to 6,134 MT in February generated USD2.828 million and went to seven various countries.  Key importers were Japan with purchases of 1,992 MT (32.5%) and China with 1,793 MT (29.2%).  Other outlets were India 926 MT (15.1%), Thailand 524 MT(8.5%), Turkey 338 MT (5.5%), Germany 320 MT (5.2%), South Korea 192 MT (3.1%) and Indonesia 49 MT.
Activated carbon foreign sales in the same month at 7,425 MT registered proceeds of USD12.913 million. Unlike coconut shell charcoal, there are more country importers of activated carbon with this month totaling 28.  Topping the list was Japan with 1,215 MT (16.4%), trailed closely by the US with 1,167 MT (15.7%).  Substantial volumes also went to four countries which together accounted for 30.4% of total trade namely: Germany 739 MT, China 656 MT, Sri Lanka 448 MT, South Korea 416 MT.
On the other hand, a dozen countries were buyers of between 112 MT and 365 MT with combined market share of 32.7% namely, Netherlands, Taiwan, Russia, Canada, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Ghana, Mali and South Africa; while 10 others received loads ranging 6-96 MT aggregately contributing 4.8%.  The latter consisted of Peru, Spain, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, France, United Kingdom, Romania, Estonia, Australia, Singapore.  

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, March 7, 2019

External trade of coco shell charcoal in December was 3,644 MT with turnover of USD2.095 million.  Key markets were Japan and China with almost equal uptakes at 1,620 MT (44.5%) and 1,607 MT (44.1%), respectively.  Other destinations were South Korea at 297 MT (8.1%) and Turkey 120 MT (3.3%). 
Outbound cargo of activated carbon in the same month was 5,259 MT and earned USD9.261 million in foreign exchange. Leading buyers Germany and Japan almost took in equivalent loads with respective volume at 914 MT (17.4%) and 913 MT (17.4%).  Trailing behind them were the US at 609 MT (11.6%), South Korea 501 MT (9.5%), China 339 MT (6.4%), and eight other countries with purchases ranging 116-251 MT and aggregate market share of 25.0% namely Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Ivory Coast, Netherlands, South Africa.  
Meanwhile 17 countries with offtake in the range 4-93 MT together contributed 12.7%. This included Peru, India, Italy, Finland, Dominican Republic, Congo, Spain, Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, Tanzania, Lebanon, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore.

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