Sri Lanka Desiccated Coconut Export Up in November 2018

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Figures from Sri Lanka’s Coconut Development Authority show the country’s export of desiccated coconut sharply increased in November 2018.  Total at 2,876 MT spiked 47.3% from November year-earlier at 1,953 MT. However, shipment value at USD5.630 million slumped by 17.5% from prior year at USD6.825 million on low prices. Average traded price was calculated at USD1,957.61/MT FOB, a drop by 44.0% from prior year at USD3,494.55/MT. 
The cumulative January-November export at 22,288 MT plunged by 21.6% from a comparable year-ago period data at 28,432 MT.  Corresponding revenue totaled USD63.167 million to record a deficit of 26.1% from USD85.525 million at the same time year-ago. 
Export in November went to 37 countries. The top nine importers held volumes above 100 MT and collectively accounted for 72.1% of total trade.  Leading the pack was UAE/Dubai with 457 MT (15.9% share), followed by Iraq with 363 MT (12.6%), United States 338 MT (11.8%), Iran 234 MT (8.1%), Spain 188 MT (6.5%), Canada 131 MT (4.6%), Japan 129 MT (4.5%), Brazil 118 MT (4.1%) and Pakistan 117 MT (4.1%).  The remaining 28 countries which aggregately accounted for 27.9% of total sales took in volume ranging from a low of 1 MT to a high of 99 MT.  

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