Taja Coconut Introduces New Bottled Coconut Water in the Market

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Taja Coconut announced last month the launch of its non-GMO and sugar-free bottled coconut water brand, TAJA.  TAJA coconut water was created by beverage industry veteran and engineer by trade, Nilang Patel that uses a patented multi-step cold filtration process to produce coconut water that the company claims is as close to drinking right out of a coconut as one can get.  
By now, most consumers are familiar with coconut water and are aware of its naturally high levels of electrolytes including potassium and magnesium.  What started out as niche beverage has reached mainstream acceptance with some of the biggest beverage players investing heavily in the category in recent years.  “The coconut water category is crowded, but we’re aiming to do something different,” TAJA Coconut president, Hallie Lorber, told FoodNavigator-USA. 
According to Patel, most products on the market miss the mark on an authentic coconut water taste profile because most go through a heated pasteurization process or are exposed to oxygen during the process.  Patel, who has filed around 49 patents indepedently, set out to develop a process that would preserve the coconut water in its purest form, never exposing the liquid to air, high amounts of pressure, or heat. What he developed over the course of a few years, was a three-step process that involves harvesting the tender green coconuts from farmers in India, extracting the liquid, and using a seven step cold filtration process before bottling. “As a result, it locks in all the nutrients, it doesn’t turn cloudy or pink,” Lorber said. 

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