...Virgin Coconut Oil Export Down in January-November 2018

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Figures from Sri Lanka’s Coconut Development Authority also show the country’s export of virgin coconut oil was 11,073 MT in January-November 2018, a reduction by 14.9% from 13,009 MT in a similar period year-ago. Shipment value at USD54.651 million dropped 15.9% from previous year at USD64.955 million. Average traded price computed at USD4,935.51/MT FOB slid by 1.2% from prior year at USD4,993.05/MT.  For the month of November alone, export was 866 MT.  This is 9.0% short of same month last year at 952 MT.  Value at USD3.531 million was far behind by 28.6% from prior year at USD4.944 million.  
Export during the 11-month period went to at least 79 countries. The top three buyers was led by the United States at 2,966 MT (26.8%), trailed by Australia at 1,918 MT (17.3%) and Germany at 1,561 MT (14.1%). The next 14 importers held volumes above 100 MT and collectively accounted for 27.8%, namely United Kingdom 679 MT, Netherlands 392 MT, Canada 369 MT, France 305 MT, Australia 253 MT, Sweden 217 MT, Chile 173 MT, Israel 171 MT, Slovenia 155 MT, Pakistan 141 MT, UAE/Dubai 138 MT, China 126 MT, Portugal 120 MT and Taiwan 101 MT.  Much smaller volumes, ranging 1-92 MT, were held by 62 countries which aggregately accounted for 11.6%.

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