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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Outbound load of coconut shell charcoal in September aggregated 7,311 MT and was valued USD3.210 million.  China was leading buyer with uptake at 4,640 MT representing nearly two-thirds (63.5%) of total shipment during the month. Japan followed with 1,642 MT (22.5%), then Turkey 538 MT (7.4%), South Korea 429 MT (5.9%), Sri Lanka 61 MT. 

Export of activated carbon at 6,630 MT generated USD10.669 million in foreign exchange.  Japan was principal importer with purchases of 1,324 MT (20.0%), tracked closely by Germany with 1,035 MT (15.6%), US 656 MT, China 625 MT and eight others with deliveries ranging 129-420 MT.  The latter which consisted of Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Estonia, South Korea, Italy, Finland and Indonesia together accounted for 35.2% of total foreign sales. 

On the other hand, 13 countries jointly took in 660 MT (2-97 MT range).  The group which included Peru, Congo, Russia, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, collectively represented 10% of the market.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Outbound shipment of coconut shell charcoal in August was 8,490 MT and earned USD3.909 million.  China was principal importer at 4,995 MT (58.8%) followed by Japan at 1,955 MT (23.0%). Other markets were South Korea 670 MT (7.9%), Turkey 534 MT (6.3%), India 136 MT (1.6%), Sri Lanka 104 MT (1.2%), Indonesia 49 MT, Ireland 25 MT and US 22 MT.

Activated carbon, on the other hand, registered export of 5,983 MT worth USD8.992 million in the same month. Japan led the top five markets at 1,134 MT (18.9%), that included Germany 862 MT (14.4%), US 858 MT (14.3%), Sri Lanka 537 MT (9.0%) and South Korea 456 MT (7.6%).  Countries with purchases ranging 106-290 MT collectively contributed 27.8% namely, Russia, Netherlands, Taiwan, Canada, Indonesia, China, Australia, Finland while limited loads ranging 20-88 MT were delivered to 11 other countries: Estonia, Spain, Ghana, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Congo, South Africa, Malaysia, Tanzania, Hong Kong.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Coconut shell charcoal export in June was 7,241 MT with turnover of USD3.338 million. Volume went for the most part to China representing 59% of total or 4,270 MT.  The second major market was Japan at 1,991 MT (27.5%).  Other importing countries ordered less than 500 MT: India 473 MT (6.5%), Turkey 341 MT (4.7%), South Korea 118 MT (1.6%) and Indonesia 49 MT (0.7%).

On the other hand, activated carbon derived from coconut shell charcoal registered shipment of 6,298 MT in the same month worth USD10.487 million. Market leader in this field during the month was Japan with purchases amounting to 1,495 MT (23.7%), followed by the US with 782 MT (12.4%), China 516 MT (8.2%), Germany 503 MT (8.0%) and 10 other countries with uptake below 500 MT (120-467 MT range).  

The latter group consisted of the following: Sri Lanka, South Korea, Netherlands, Finland, Indonesia, Canada, Taiwan, Italy, Estonia and Peru and their combined market share was 39.1%.  A dozen other countries bought limited volume at 3-99 MT range, and comprised 8.6% of the market namely, Turkey, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, United Kingdom, France, Dominican Republic, Romania, Argentina, Singapore.  

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