...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, January 17, 2019

International sales of coconut shell charcoal in October was 5,447 MT valued at USD3.039 million.  Key outlets were Japan and China with the former cornering 2,516 MT (46.2%) and China 2,262 MT (41.5%).  Other markets were Belgium 266 MT, Sri Lanka 213 MT and South Korea 190 MT, for respective market share of 4.9%, 3.9% and 3.5%.

Outbound load of activated carbon, on the other hand, in the same month stood at 7,231 MT worth USD13.112 million. Biggest buyer was the US at 1,236 MT (17.1%).  Trailing behind were Japan at 927 MT (12.8%), Germany 796 MT (11.0%), Sri Lanka 612 MT (8.5%) and South Korea 543 MT (7.5%). The next 10 countries with substantial purchases had combined market share of 34.4%.  This comprised of China 449 MT, Italy 406 MT, Taiwan 328 MT, Netherlands 321 MT, Finland 210 MT, Canada 207 MT, Russia 169 MT, Kenya 137 MT, Belgium 133 MT and Indonesia 131 MT.  

Meanwhile, 17 countries took in much lower volume ranging 5-92 MT and had total market share of 8.7%.  This included United Kingdom, Australia, Dominican Republic, Ghana, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Brazil, Peru, Spain, Venezuela, Romania, Lebanon, Estonia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey. 

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