...Of Copra Meal

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Export of copra meal at 21,396 MT generated USD4.723 million in September.  India was primary importer with 16,962 MT uptake accounting for 79.3%.  Following behind was Vietnam with purchases of 3,301 MT (15.4%).  Smaller loads went to Taiwan at 873 MT, South Korea 120 MT, New Zealand 114 MT, Japan 26 MT for a combined market share of 5.3%

...Of Copra Meal

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Export of copra meal which totaled 27,930 MT generated USD5.368 million in August. India was primary market at 13,959 MT and responsible for one-half (50%) of total sales. Vietnam came in second at 9,121 MT (32.7%), trailed by Japan at 3,176 MT (11.4%), Taiwan 1,434 MT (5.1%) and two others with combined market share of 0.8%: South Korea 143 MT and New Zealand 97 MT.


...Of Copra Meal

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Export of copra meal in June at 32,241 MT generated USD5.645 million. Volume went chiefly to India, nearly two-thirds (66.2%) or 21,355 MT. Also major buyers were South Korea at 5,857 MT (18.2%), Vietnam at 3,552 MT (11.0%) and Taiwan at 1,205 MT (3.7%).  Limited tonnage at 273 MT went to New Zealand.

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