...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, January 17, 2019

External trade of desiccated coconut in October at 14,057 MT generated USD29.317 million.  The product counted 44 country buyers during the month.  The US maintained its leading position in the market responsible for 5,045 MT or more than one-third (35.9%), with Netherlands 1,457 MT (10.4%) and Canada 1,020 MT (7.3%) completing the top three markets.  The next five major destinations, namely United Kingdom with 723 MT, Germany 704 MT, France 628 MT, Australia 587 MT and Russia 518 MT jointly accounted for 22.5%.

A dozen other countries which held volume above 100 MT (ranging 111-400 MT) collectively represented 19.1%, namely China, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Belgium, Israel, Sweden, Malaysia, Georgia, Chile.  On the other hand, 24 countries had purchases ranging 3-91 MT and together shared 4.8%, namely Italy, Spain, Colombia, Thailand, New Zealand, Portugal, Syria, Norway, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Estonia, Ecuador, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Argentina, Peru, Serbia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Mexico, Switzerland, Poland, South Africa.

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