Guangzhou Firm Introduces Coconut Plant-Based Protein Beverage

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Guangzhou supplier Topwell Coconut is seeking a breakthrough in the sports nutrition market with its 100% coconut plant-based protein beverage and coconut sparkling water, reports the Nutraingredients-Asia last week.  The firm introduced its coconut plant-based protein beverage prototype, which contains 2% of protein, higher than the national requirerment of 0.5%, during the new product technical seminar at Food Ingredients China exhibition.  

Developed in December last year, Stephen Li, process engineer and R&D manager said the protein comes purely from coconut, without any addition of soy or casein, making it suitable for vegans and consumers suffering from food allergies.  Besides protein, the beverage is also high in potassium at 384mg/100 ml, higher than that of banana at 256mg/100g. The company sources its coconut and manufacturers its products in Vietnam.  Apart from China, it also exports to the US and Europe.  And to meet the demands of these markets, it is also certified halal, kosher, and organic by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).  

The firms’s offerings of other related products include coconut powder, coconut oil, coconut juice, and coconut water.  Other than the coconut protein beverage, the firm also plans to sell its expertise in making coconut sparkling water to end-product manufacturers.  Asked the reasons for interest in coconut sparkling water, Li said that such beverages were popular in the US and Europe, thus, the firm thought it might also gain traction in China.

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