Performance of Philippine Top Non-Traditional Coco Products Export in January

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority show increased number of non-traditional coconut products export in January that generated revenue of more than USD100,000 during the month thus qualifying in the top non-traditional export products category.  There were 18 products in the list as opposed to an average of 13 or a range of 12-15 in last calendar year.  The top six non-traditional exports had respective earnings of more than USD1.000 million: coconut water,  virgin coconut oil, hydrogenated coconut oil, coconut milk liquid, glycerin and husk cubes. 

COCONUT WATER led the pack with earnings of  USD5.482 million from export of 5,082,358 liters.  Volume slumped by 18.4% from 6,227,841 liters last year.  The United States was still the biggest outlet cornering 4,020,715 liters (79.1% of total sales), followed far behind by Canada at 278,896 liters (5.5%), United Kingdom 186,942 liters (3.7%), Australia 143,830 liters (2.8%), Netherlands 142,128 liters (2.8%) and 10 other countries that shared the balance of 309,847 liters (6.1%).

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, the second biggest non-traditional export during the month, grossed USD4.777 million from overseas purchases of 1,466 MT. The shipment cut by 17.5% previous year total at 1,776 MT.  The United States  was top market capturing 668 MT (45.6%), followed far behind by Canada at 287 MT (19.6%), Germany at 159 MT (10.9%), Belgium 94 MT (6.4%) and 15 other countries responsible for 257 MT (17.5%). 

HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL, which took the third spot, had income of USD2.944 million from delivery of 1,797 MT (no export recorded year-ago). The United States was the biggest market controlling 951 MT (53.0%).  Distance behind were Australia at 282 MT (15.7%), United Kingdom at 188 MT (10.5%), Canada 173 MT (9.6%) and nine other countries which absorbed the remaining 77 MT (4.3%).

Fourth in rank COCONUT MILK LIQUID recorded proceeds of USD1.206 million from shipment of 602 MT. Volume dropped by 26.9% from 823 MT in same period year-ago. The United States was primary market capturing 270 MT (44.8%).  Smaller volumes went to Germany at 75 MT (12.5%), Canada 58 MT (9.6%), Australia 51 MT (8.5%) and six other countries sharing the remaining volume at 147 MT (24.5%). 

Fifth placer GLYCERIN, with turnover of USD1.150 million from overseas orders of 1,838  MT, reduced by 23.3% last year’s load at 2,395 MT.  Japan was leading destination at 757 MT (41.2%), followed by China at 744 MT (40.5%), Iran 220 MT (12.0%) and five other countries jointly taking in 117 MT (6.4%). 

The top six export, HUSK CUBES, registered earnings of USD1.077 million from 523  MT trade.  Volume during the month grew by almost sixfolds (+565.1%) from last year at 79 MT.  There were only three country destinations: United Kingdom at 413 MT (78.9%), Japan 106 MT (20.3%) and Portugal 4 MT (0.8%).

COCONUT MILK POWDER landed seventh and turned in USD718,991 from delivery of 167 MT (107 MT year-ago).  France was primary destinations at 80 MT (47.8%), followed by Netherlands 24 MT (14.6%), Japan 23 MT (13.9%), Italy 12 MT (7.3%) and four other countries which shared the remaining 27 MT (16.4%). 

TOILET/BATH SOAP which earned USD568,451 from external trade of 267 MT (139 MT) filled in the eighth place. Thailand was top market at 76 MT (28.4%), followed by Indonesia at 62 MT (23.4%), Vietnam at 45 MT (17.0%), Singapore 34 MT (12.6%), United Arab Emirates 31 MT (11.8%). Nine other countries took in the remaining 18 MT (6.8%).  

COCO FLOUR  with receipts of USD409,010 after selling 368 MT was number nine in the list.  Total purchases during the month was over 2 times same period year ago data at 183 MT. There were only five country destinations led by United States at 234 MT (63.5%), tracked by Australia at 83 MT (22.6%), Germany at 45 MT (12.2%), Canada 4 MT (1.1%) and Japan 2 MT.   

BIODIESEL held the 10th position with turnover of USD391,272 from transactions involving 297 MT (238 MT).  There were four country destinations led by Germany at 121 MT (40.6%), trailed by South Korea at 90 MT (30.2%), Spain 48 MT (16.1%) and Japan 39 MT (13.1%). 

Completing the top 18 non-traditional exports were: coir & coir products, peat/dust, soap chips, shell powder, shampoo, nata de coco, coco cream and fatty acid distillates. COIR & COIR PRODUCTS had revenue of USD266,082 from trade of 1,055 MT (874 MT).  There were only two country destinations: China, which took bulk of the shipment at 1,030 MT (97.6%) and South Korea at 25 (2.4%). 

PEAT/DUST generated USD189,869 from deals amounting to 3,185 MT (3,042 MT). There were five country destinations: China which almost cornered the total volume at 2,970 MT (93.2%), South Korea  at 137 MT (4.3%), Taiwan 47 MT (1.5%), Japan 28 MT and Netherlands 3 MT. 

SOAP CHIPS contributed USD189,200 from exports of 198 MT (no export recorded year-ago) all of which went to Nigeria. 

SHELL POWDER turned in USD153,420 from shipment of 260 MT (no export recorded year-ago).  There were two country recipients:  Japan which held most of the load at 236 MT (90.9%) and China 24 MT (9.1%). 

SHAMPOO posted receipts of USD123,492 from purchases amounting to 46 MT  (12 MT). Mongolia was the principal destinations at 16 MT (35.3%), followed by Indonesia 11 MT (23.7%), Marshall Islands 4 MT (9.7%), Canada 3 MT (7.2%), Papua New Guinea and Fiji at 2 MT apiece and eight other countries sharing the balance of 6 MT. 

NATA DE COCO had earnings of USD114,220 from orders of 147 MT (319 MT).  Japan was almost an exclusive market at 117 MT (79.9%).  Malaysia bought 22 MT (14.7%) and eight other countries shared the remaining 8 MT. 

Proceeds from COCO CREAM amounted to USD113,632 from deals of 202 MT (no export recorded year-ago). There were three country destinations with Netherlands taking in bulk of the shipment at 143 MT (70.8%), Germany 36 MT (17.9%) and Australia at 23 MT (11.2%). 

FATTY ACID DISTILLATES contributed USD106,338 from export of 267 MT (no export recorded year-ago). There were only two country destinations: China at 166 MT (62.4%) and Taiwan at 101 MT (37.6%). 

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