Performance of Philippine Top Non-Traditional Coco Products Exports in September

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority show 15 non-traditional coconut products generated export revenue of more than USD100,000 during the month to qualify for the top non-traditional export products category. The top four non-traditional exports had respective earnings of more than USD1.000 million: coconut concentrates, virgin coconut oil, glycerin and coconut milk liquid.
COCONUT CONCENTRATES led the pack with earnings of USD6.370 million from export of 5,508 MT (no export recorded in same period year-ago).  The United States  was top market capturing 3,148 MT (57.1% of total sales), followed far behind by United Kingdom at 576 MT (10.5%), China 451 MT (8.2%), Netherlands 385 MT (7.0%), Brazil 254 MT (4.6%), Singapore 182 MT (3.3%), Thailand 123 MT (2.2%), Australia 101 MT (1.8%), and nine other countries responsible for 289 MT (5.3%).
VIRGIN COCONUT OIL had gross export receipts of USD4.122 million from sale of 1,510 MT and settled in the second place.  Volume was 26.9% short of year-ago at 2,066 MT.  The US was market leader, cornering 806 MT (53.4%), followed some distance behind by Germany at 183 MT (12.1%), Brazil 131 MT (8.7%), Canada 95 MT (6.3%), United Kingdom 51 MT (3.4%), Finland 46 MT (3.0%) and 12 other countries with combined import of 199 MT (13.2%). 
GLYCERIN, which took the third spot, had income of USD2.706 million. Tonnage at 2,200 MT was slightly up by 3.4% from previous year at 2,127 MT.  Japan was the biggest market controlling 1,310 MT (59.6%), trailed far behind by China at 312 MT (31.5%).  Limited loads went to Thailand at 162 MT (7.4%), Malaysia 159 MT (7.2%), South Korea 119 MT (5.4%).  Five other countries took in the remaining 137 MT (6.2%). 
Fourth in rank COCO MILK LIQUID recorded proceeds of USD1.273 million from delivery of 1,031 MT, a jump by 107.8%  from 496 MT year-ago. Malaysia was market leader at 543 MT (52.6%), followed far behind by US at 109 MT (10.6%), Australia 103 MT (10.0%), France 93 MT (9.0%) while seven other countries jointly held 183 MT (17.8%). 
Fifth place COCONUT WATER had turnover of USD761,848 from overseas purchases of 705,504 liters. Volume significantlyn dropped by  89.4% from year-ago at 6,666,420 liters. The United States was the biggest outlet cornering 361,926 liters (51.3%) trailed by Australia at 233,632 liters (33.1%).  Smaller volumes went to  Canada at 49,105 liters (7.0%), China 21,780 liters (3.1%), Singapore 20,054 liters (2.8%) and Japan 19,008 liters (2.7%). 
The top six export,  COCO MILK POWDER had proceeds of USD544,034 from overseas purchases of 134 MT. The shipment was 47.7% behind same period last year’s 256 MT. There were seven country destinations led by United States at 35 MT (25.9%), trailed by Netherlands at 24 MT (18.2%), Mexico and Japan at 20 MT epiece (14.9%), Spain 19 MT (14.3%), China 14 MT (10.3%) and Australia 2 MT (1.8%).
HUSK CUBES landed seventh and turned in USD490,850 from delivery of 259 MT (no export recorded year-ago).  Japan was almost an exclusive destination cornering 258 MT (99.8%) while Switzerland took 1 MT. 
COIR PRODUCTS which earned USD404,042 from external trade of 1,554 MT (1,596 MT year-ago) filled in the eighth place. There were four country destinations with the load chiefly going to China at 1,458 MT (93.9%).  Other destinations were Japan at 75 MT (4.8%), and South Korea at 20 MT (1.3%). 
With receipts of USD399,714 after trading 6,424 MT, COCO PEAT/DUST was number nine in the list.  Total purchases during the month increased by 51.3% from same period year-ago at 4,247 MT.  There were only three country destinations with China taking bulk of the volume at 6,284 MT (97.8%).  Limited quantities went to South Korea at 116 MT (1.8%) and Japan at 25 MT (0.4%). 
FATTY ACID DISTILLATES held the tenth position with turnover of USD354,230 from transactions involving 1,091 MT (no export recorded year-ago).  There were only four country destinations led by China at 573 MT (52.6%), Pakistan 225 MT (20.6%), India 172 MT (15.8%) and Taiwan 121 MT (11.1%). 
  Completing the top 15 non-traditional exports were: hydrogenated coconut oil, toilet/bath soap, fresh coconut, coco flour and coco sugar. HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL had revenue of USD315,987 from trade of 179 MT (1,579 MT year-ago).  There were only five importing countries: US at 75 MT (42.0%), France 31 MT (17.3%), United Kingdom 29 MT (16.0%), Canada 25 MT (14.1%) and Hong Kong 19 MT (10.6%).
TOILET/BATH SOAP generated USD217,484 with total volume at 119 MT (193 MT year-ago).  United Arab Emirates was leading destinations at 63 MT (53.1%), trailed by Vietnam at 25 MT (21.4%), Hong Kong 16 MT (13.7%), Egypt 8 MT (6.7%) and five other countries which shared the balance of 6 MT (5.1%). 
 FRESH COCONUT  contributed USD160,386 from shipment of 213,906 nuts (58,513 nuts). There were only four country buyers: China at 188,566 nuts (88.2%), Japan 16,395 nuts (7.7%), US 8,210 nuts (3.8%) and Sweden 735 nuts (0.3%).
COCO FLOUR earned USD154,104 from purchases of 170 MT (607 MT year-ago ).  US was leading buyer responsible for 112 MT (65.5%), followed far behind by United Kingdom at 22 MT (12.7%), Brazil 16 MT (9.2%), Mexico 15 MT (8.9%) and five other countries with combined uptake at 6 MT (3.7%). 
COCO SUGAR  export at 38 MT (no export year-ago) was valued USD107,936.  There were only three country destinations: Germany at 16 MT (57.5%), US 10 MT (35.9%), and Japan 2 MT (6.3%). 

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