Swiss Cosmetics Firm Boosts Supplements Range with ‘Natural Brain Enhancer’ from MCT

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Swiss cosmetics firm Mibelle AG Biochemistry is continuing its expansion into the supplements space with a ‘natural brain enhancer’ made from Timut pepper and MCT oil, NutraIngredients reported on June 11.  SaraPEPP Nu is a natural ingredient which aims to improve celebral blood flow, cognitive function, working memory and attention.  The oil soluble liquid, which has a grapefruit-like taste and odour, is being marketed as being suitable for dietary supplements, MCT-oil based functional foods and food-grade emulsions.  The acute and chronic effects of SaraPEPP Nu on cognitive performance and cerebral blood flow (CBF) were tested in a ramdomised, double blind, placebo controlled study with 81 healthy men and women with an average age of 42.2 years.

The study results noted the effects of acute supplementation: significantly faster performance on the reaction times of all attention tasks, improved accuracy of RVIP (Rapid Visual Information Processing) performance, improvement of neural efficacy demonstrated in response to task performance.  Effects of chronic supplementation were: significantly faster performance across all cognition task, reduced ratings of mental fatigue, and improvement of neural efficacy demonstrated in the CBF study arm in response to task performance.

Dr. Torsten Grothe, portfolio manager food & health, explains that what sets this ingredient ahead of other brain enhancers on the market, is the speed with which its been proven to start having an effect.  Grothe adds that the rising categories of nootropic beverages and shots with MCT oil fits perfectly for the new ingredients with the expectation for use within products targeted towards the young, middle aged and the elderly.  With a recommended daily dosage of 1400 mg-2800 mg, it can also be blended with other lipid-soluble nutrients such as carotenoids, Omegas and Vitamins A &E.

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