U.S. Import of Lauric Oils Up in April

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Data from Oil World show the U.S. imported 75,700 MT of lauric oils in April this year, sharply increasing by 20.7% from April year-ago at 62,700 MT.  The increase was driven by the sharp rise in coconut oil import by 48.4%.  A bigger part of the total was coconut oil at 61.6% or 46,600 MT (31,400 MT year-ago) and the remaining 38.4% or 29,100 MT (31,300 MT) was  palm kernel oil. 

Indonesia was top supplier of lauric oil to the U.S. during the month with shipment of 37,200 MT (25,200 MT) of which 18,300 MT (3,200 MT) was coconut oil and 18,900 MT (22,000 MT) was palm kernel oil, the equivalent of 49.1% of total lauric oil import.  The Philippines contributed 35.5% with 26,900 MT (27,200 MT) of coconut oil.  Malaysia shared 10.2% or 7,700 MT (9,200 MT) of which 7,500 MT (9,100 MT) was palm kernel and 200 MT (100 MT) was coconut oil.  Purchases from other countries totaled 4,000 MT (1,100 MT), of which 1,300 MT (900 MT) was coconut oil and 2,700 MT (200 MT) was palm kernel oil.   

The cumulative January-April data at 252,600 MT dropped by 21.0% from a comparable year-earlier period total at 319,800 MT.  Coconut oil uptake was 135,500 MT (185,500 MT) of which 59.9% or 81,200 MT (164,700 MT) came from the Philippines.  Palm kernel oil was 117,100 MT (134,300 MT) of which 73.9% or 86,500 MT (100,600 MT) came from Indonesia.  


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