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Thursday, December 17, 2020

External trade of coco shell charcoal in September reached 8,334 MT with proceeds amounting to USD5.106 million.  China was market leader responsible for more than two-thirds (68.5%) at 5,706 MT.  Japan was next with 1,787 MT (21.4%).  Smaller loads were delivered to India at 409 MT, South Korea 323 MT, Turkey 104 MT, and Taiwan 5 MT.

Sale of activated carbon at 6,864 MT valued at USD10.523 million went to 30 various countries.  Key markets were Germany with 1, 148 MT (16.7%) and the US with 1,014 MT (14.8%).  Other large buyers with market share ranging 5.1-10.1% were Japan 692 MT, Sri Lanka 690 MT, South Korea 597 MT, Taiwan 453 MT, China 349 MT, together they accounted for 40.5% of total.  

Other countries with uptake above 100 MT (114-212 MT range) jointly shared 18.2% and this included Netherlands, Indonesia, Canada, Italy, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Ghana. Meanwhile, buyers of load under 100 MT collectively contributed 9.9% and made up of 15 countries namely, Finland, Lithuania, Peru, Estonia, Tanzania, Sweden, France, Ivory Coast, Mali, Australia, Romania, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Moldova, Singapore.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, October 8, 2020

External trade of coconut shell charcoal in July stood at 9,469 MT with proceeds amounting to USD4.696 million.  China was bulk buyer responsible for 65.5% at 6,201 MT, tracked by Japan at 1,900 MT (20.1%).  Smaller loads went to South Korea at 668 MT (7.1%), India 326 MT (3.4%), Turkey 247 MT (2.6%), and Sri Lanka 127 MT (1.3%).

Activated carbon, on the other hand, reported shipment of 7,896 MT in July valued at USD12.173 million.  Number of destinations at 30 is second to desiccated coconut with 41.  Key markets were the US with 1,487 MT (18.8%) and Japan with 1,213 MT (15.4%).  Following behind were Germany with 972 MT (12.3%), Sri Lanka with 789 MT (10.0%), South Korea 534 MT (6.8%) and 10 others with loads lower than 500 MT (ranging 110-460 MT) which together was responsible for 29.2%.

The latter was comprised of Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, Italy, Guinea, Turkey, and Netherlands. Additionally, 15 other countries had orders lower than 100 MT (ranging 3-92 MT) and collectively contributed 7.6%, namely Mali, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Ivory Coast, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Tanzania, Belgium, France, Congo, Australia, Romania, India, Singapore.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Export of coconut shell charcoal in June totaled 9,182 MT and turned in USD4.702 million. Biggest buyer was China at 5,824 MT or 63.4% of total trade, trailed by Japan at 2,101 MT (23.9%).  Smaller volumes were absorbed by South Korea at 529 MT, Turkey 521 MT, Germany 106 MT, and the US at 10 MT, for respective market shares of 5.8%, 5.7%, 1.2%, 0.1%.

On the other hand, shipment of activated carbon at 6,873 MT registered revenue of USD10.632 million.  The product is second to desiccated coconut in terms of market reach.  For this month, it was delivered to 30 destinations led by the US which took delivery of 1,495 MT (21.8%).  Trailing behind were Japan with 782 MT, Germany 516 MT, China 503 MT with combined market share of 26.2%, and 10 countries with uptake below 500 MT (120-467 MT range) which collectively accounted for 35.7%.  The latter group comprised of Finland, South Korea, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Taiwan, Ghana, Russia, Indonesia.

Sixteen other countries took in volume below 100 MT (5-89 MT range) and contributed 16.3%: Turkey, Italy, Belgium, France, Estonia, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Greece, Congo, Lithuania, Romania, Egypt, Hong Kong, Chile, Singapore, Canada.

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