Indonesia is World’s Largest Biodiesel Producer

Thursday, April 29, 2021

A report from Jakarta (Antara) on April 26 has said Indonesia is the world’s larger biodiesel producer, ahead of the United States, Brazil, and Germany, quoting Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto.  “Indonesia is the largest biodiesel producer in the world, with a capacity of 137 thousand barrels of oil per day.  Meanwhile, the United States (is next) with 112 thousand barrels, Brazil with 99 thousand barrels, and Germany with 62 thousand barrels of oil per day,” the minister disclosed at an online discussion originating from Jakarta. This success has positioned Indonesia as a country to be reckoned with in the world biodiesel market, he said.

Biodiesel is a biofuel comprising a mixture of methyl ester compounds of long-chain fatty acids, and is used as an alternative fuel in diesel engines.  Indonesia uses crude palm oil, or CPO, as the main raw material for producing biodiesel. It chose palm oil because its cultivators are well-established considering Indonesia’s position as the largest producer of palm oil in the world, Hartarto said.  Scientists are mixing 30 percent of palm oil into diesel oil to make B30, which is being used to increase national energy security and independence, increase the added value of the palm oil industry, reduce consumption of imported fuel oil, and cut greenhouse gas emissions, the minister added.

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