Destinations of Coconut Oil Export in May

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Export of coconut oil in May consisted of 30,223 MT crude coconut oil, 11,822 MT cochin (refined, bleached) oil, and 9,882 MT RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized) oil, with combined turnover of USD78.872 million.  

Europe remained the leading destination of coconut oil shipments responsible for nearly half (45.8%) of total exports at 23,607 MT.  The US maintained its second spot at 10,451 MT (20.3%), trailed by Malaysia 4,549 MT (8.8%), South Korea 3,520 MT(6.8%), Indonesia 2,919 MT (5.7%), Japan 2,457 MT (4.8%), China 2,274 (4.4%), Sri Lanka 902 MT (1.8%) and 11 other countries with respective market shares of less than 1%.
Crude coconut oil remained Europe’s top import from the Philippines which for this month amounted to 23,250 MT (22,250 Netherlands, 1,000 Spain).  Other buyers were Malaysia 4,000 MT, Indonesia 2,907 MT, and India 65 MT.  The US and Japan were exclusive markets for cochin oil with the former taking bulk of the pack at 9,412 MT and Japan the remaining 2,410 MT.

There were 18 country importers of RBD coconut oil. Except for four, all countries bought only RDB oil during the month.  Korea was principal outlet at 3,520 MT, followed by China at 2,274 MT, the US at 1,039 MT, Sri Lanka 902 MT, Malaysia 549 MT, Europe 357 MT (Netherlands 103, Czech Republic 79, Belgium 61, Germany 45, Poland 44, Greece 24); Singapore 225 MT, Iran 205 MT, Taiwan 190 MT, South Africa 135 MT, Bangladesh 120 MT, Ecuador 99 MT, Turkey 82 MT, Canada 78 MT, Japan 47 MT, Pakistan 42 MT, Indonesia 12 MT, Australia 8 MT.

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