...Of Copra Meal

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Export of copra meal in December at 30,685 MT was valued USD6.404 million. India remained a primary market during the month controlling 13,435 MT (43.8%).  Other key markets were China 6,483 MT (21.1%), South Korea 6,394 MT (20.8%), Vietnam 3,941 MT (12.8%).  Smaller load went to Taiwan at 432 MT. 


...Of Copra Meal

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Export of copra meal in November at 14,114 MT turned in USD2.914 million. India was principal market during the month responsible for 8,739 MT (61.9%).  Other major markets were China at 3,556 MT (25.2%) and Vietnam at 1,413 MT (10.2%).  Smaller volumes were imported by Taiwan at 266 MT and South Korea 140 MT.


...Of Copra Meal

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Shipment of copra meal at 18,290 MT turned in USD3.712 million in October.  India was principal importer responsible for 59.7% or 10,919 MT of total trade.  Other major buyers were Vietnam at 3,231 MT (17.7%), Japan 3,050 MT (16.7%).  Limited loads went to Taiwan at 579 MT, China 251 MT, South Korea 163 MT, and New Zealand 98 MT.


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