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Thursday, May 13, 2021

External trade of coconut shell charcoal in February amounted to 6,229 MT worth USD4.034 million.  China and Japan remained key markets with the former capturing 53.0% or 3,300 MT and Japan holding 36.1% or 2,246 MT.  Other markets were South Korea 360 MT, India 120 MT,  Germany 107 MT and Turkey 97 MT, with respective market shares at 5.8%, 1.9%, 1.7% and 1.6%.
Activated carbon export in the same month was 5,616 MT with turnover of USD10.542 million.  The top two importers took in almost equal loads:  the US 893 MT (15.9%) and Japan 880 MT (15.7%). Rounding up the top five markets were Germany at 527 MT (9.4%), Sri Lanka 425 MT (7.6%) and Indonesia 414 MT (7.4%).  
Countries with orders ranging 140-308 MT had combined market share of 32.8% for a total of 1,841 MT. This included Taiwan, Ghana, South Korea, China, Russia, Canada, Finland, Italy.  On the other hand, countries with uptake under 100 MT (2-97 MT range) comprising of Peru, Lithuania, Ivory Coast, Sweden, France, Mali, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Miyanmar, Turkey, and India as a group were responsible for 11.3% for a total of 636 MT.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Outbound load of coco shell charcoal in January was 5,274 MT with turnover of USD3.548 million.  Key markets Japan and China represent over 80% of total trade, with Japan responsible for 2,321 MT (44.0%) and the latter 2,124 MT (40.3%).  Other markets were South Korea at 512 MT (9.7%), India 180 MT (3.4%) and Malaysia 136 MT (2.6%).
Activated carbon export in the same month totaled 6,170 MT with earnings of USD11.131 million.  Germany led 22 other countries with uptake at 1,229 MT (19.9% of total), tracked by Japan with 926 MT (15.0%), and Sri Lanka with 755 MT (12.2%).  The next five major buyers with combined market share of 32.4% included the US 487 MT, Indonesia 391 MT, Taiwan 378 MT, China 371 MT, South Korea 370 MT.  
Countries with imports ranging 117-226 MT collectively shared 14.7% for a total of 908 MT, namely Canada, Finland, Peru, Russia, Netherlands.  On the other hand, deliveries below 100 MT (18-81 MT range) were made to the following countries: Sweden, Turkey, Mali, India Italy, Australia, Ivory Coast, Romania, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore.  Their total volume was 355 MT and contribution was 5.7%. 

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Coconut shell charcoal export in December at 7,121 MT generated USD4.493 million. Bulk of the month’s shipment (70.8%) went to China at 5,041 MT.  Japan handled 1,268 MT (17.8%) while four other countries took in volume below 500 MT: South Korea 411 MT (5.8%), Germany 185 MT (2.6%), Turkey 169 MT (2.4%), and the United States 46 MT.

External trade of activated carbon in the same month which amounted to 6,116 MT earned USD10.475 million.  Germany was chief buyer during the month responsible for 1,165 MT (19.0%), trailed by the United States at 872 MT (14.8%), Japan 816 MT (13.3%) and China and Taiwan which rounded up the top five with respective uptakes at 513 MT (8.4%) and 465 MT (7.6%).  Nine other countries with orders ranging 107-355 MT together contributed 30.4% total trade: South Korea, Sri Lanka, Russia, Indonesia, Finland, Netherlands, South Africa, Congo, Belgium.

Meanwhile, 10 other countries with imports below 100 MT (21-96 MT range) collectively shared 6.9%: Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Tanzania, Ghana, Turkey, Togo, Myanmar, Hong Kong.

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