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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Outbound load of coconut shell charcoal in May was 9,457 MT valued at USD6.362 million. Key market was China cornering more than two-thirds (69.0%) or 6,530 MT, with Japan distance behind at 2,128 MT (22.5%).  Limited volumes went to South Korea at 424 MT, Germany 212 MT, Turkey 115 MT, Jordan 30 MT, and Malaysia 18 MT.

On the other hand, in the same month, its value-added product activated carbon had sales of 5,865 MT worth USD11.025 million and wider market coverage spanning 24 countries.  Germany topped the list with uptake at 1,002 MT (17.1%), closely trailed by Japan with 991 MT (16.9%).  The next three major buyers together shared 30.9%: the US at 673 MT, Sri Lanka 622 MT, China 520 MT.

Countries with purchases below 500 MT (ranging 124-417 MT) had group contribution of 24.4% namely, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Russia, Thailand.  Smaller loads lower than 100 MT (7-96 MT range) went to 14 countries and comprised 10.7% of the market: Italy, South Africa, Canada, Ghana, Finland, Vietnam, Peru, Suriname, Ivory Coast, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea, Bulgaria, Singapore.

...Of Coco Shell Products

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Export of coconut shell charcoal in April was 8,979 MT and generated USD6.106 million.  China and Japan remained key importers with the former purchasing 5,124 MT or more than half of total trade (57.1%) and Japan ordering 2,785 MT (31.0%).  Smaller volumes went to South Korea at 333 MT (3.7%),  Turkey 328 MT (3.7%), India 276 MT (3.1%), Germany 133 MT (1.5%).
On the other hand, export in the same month of activated carbon at 5,782 MT earned USD10.798 million.  Japan was market leader at 1,088 MT and responsible for 18.8%, trailed by Germany at 841 MT (14.6%), the US at 629 MT (10.9%), Sri Lanka 598 MT (10.3%),China 503 MT (8.7%).  The next four importers together represented 23.5% of total and included South Korea 417 MT, Taiwan 395 MT, Indonesia 334 MT, Russia 210 MT.
Smaller loads in the range 10-75 MT were ordered by 21 other countries for an aggregate volume reaching 768 MT (13.3%).  This included South Africa, Peru, Italy, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Vietnam, Finland, Tanzania, France, Sweden, Thailand, Congo, Netherlands, Spain, Chile, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia.

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Thursday, June 10, 2021

External trade of coconut shell charcoal in March was 10,382 MT and generated USD6.773 million in foreign exchange.  China was principal destination responsible for 6,321 MT (60.9%) trailed by Japan at 2,811 MT (27.1%).  Limited loads went to South Korea 754 MT, Germany 372 MT, Turkey 124 MT, for respective market shares of 7.3%, 3.6%, and 1.2%.

Overseas deliveries of activated carbon in the same month which totaled 7,193 MT reported earnings of USD12.703 million.  Germany was principal importer cornering 1,512 MT (21.0%), tracked by Japan at 976 MT (13.6%), the US 965 MT (13.4%).   The next five buyers collectively shared 29.4%, namely Sri Lanka 532 MT, Indonesia 452 MT, China 418 MT, Taiwan 360 MT and South Korea 358 MT.  

Smaller tonnage in the range 108-259 MT went to seven countries such as Netherlands, Russia, Peru, Italy, Estonia, Canada, United Kingdom and accounted for 14.8%.  Still, much smaller orders under 100 MT (15-92 MT) were absorbed by 12 countries such as South Africa, Turkey, Sweden, Ivory Coast, Finland, Ghana, Lithuania, Vietnam, France, Australia, Spain, Singapore. Together they shared 7.8% of the market.

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