...Of Desiccated Coconut - February

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Shipment of desiccated coconut in February at 11,976 MT turned in USD26.333 million.  There were 38 outlets during the month, half of which took in volume above 100 MT and collectively accounted for 92.9% of total delivery and the remaining half, below 100 MT contributed 7.1%.  

The US remained market leader with purchases at 3,760 MT comprising 31.4% of total trade, followed by Netherlands at 1,446 MT (12.1%).  The next six buyers together made up 29.7%: United Kingdom 696 MT, Thailand 667 MT, Canada 572 MT, Germany 561 MT, China 554 MT, Turkey 504 MT.  On the other hand, 11 other countries took in volume ranging 110-481 MT and jointly represented 19.7%.  This included Australia, Russia, France, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, New Zealand, Belgium, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden.  

Additionally, countries with purchases below 100 MT (2-99 MT range)  together shared 7.1% or 857 MT to total sales.  This comprised of Egypt, Israel, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Taiwan, Spain, South Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, Ireland, Uruguay, Italy, Panama, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia.

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