Japanese Import of Lauric Oils Up in December 2021

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Data from Oil World show Japan imported 9,900 MT of lauric oils in December 2021, notch higher from same period year-ago at 9,800 MT. Palm kernel oil was the dominant lauric oil import amounting to 6,400 MT (64.6% share) while coconut oil was 3,500 MT (35.4%). Import of coconut oil during the month augmented by 34.6% same period year-ago total at 2,600 MT, while palm kernel oil dropped by 11.1% from 7,200 MT.
The Philippines was the country’s major source of lauric oil during the month contributing 34.3% with delivery of 3,400 MT (1,900 MT year-ago) of coconut oil only. Malaysia closely followed and was responsible for 33.3% with total amounting to 3,300 MT (1,800 MT) which was solely palm kernel oil. Indonesia likewise supplied palm kernel oil only which contributed 31.3% or 3,100 MT (5,500 MT). Supply from other countries was exclusively coconut oil at 100 MT (700 MT).   
Total imports in January-December stood at 119,800 MT, moderately higher by 9.0% from 109,900 MT at the same time last year. Palm kernel oil was 78,100 MT  (72,900 MT) and was mostly (67.5%) supplied by Indonesia at 52,700 MT (51,400 MT). Coconut oil was 41,700 MT (37,000 MT) and bulk of which at 39,500 MT (31,500 MT) representing 94.7% came from Philippines. 

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