US Import of Lauric Oils Up in September

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Data from Oil World show the US imported 96,700 MT of lauric oils in September, higher by 17.8% compared to September last year at 82,100 MT.  Over three-fourths (78.2%) of this total was coconut oil at 75,600 MT and the balance at 21,100 MT was palm kernel oil.  The increase in import was exclusively credited to coconut oil which saw tonnage jumped 59.8% from previous year at 47,300 MT.  Intake of palm kernel oil dropped 39.4% from 34,800 MT.

Indonesia was top supplier of lauric oils to the US during the month, delivering 55,600 MT (40,800 MT last year) consisting of 38,600 MT (10,500 MT) coconut oil and 17,000 MT (30,300 MT) palm kernel oil. The total accounted for 57.5% of total lauric import. Supply from the Philippine at 32,900 MT (31,400 MT) of coconut oil accounted to 34.0%.  Malaysia contributed 4.3% out of 4,200 MT (8,800 MT) of which coconut oil was 2,600 MT (4,500 MT) and palm kernel oil was 1,600 MT (4,300 MT).  Supply from other countries was 4,000 MT (1,100 MT) thereof coconut oil was 1,500 MT (900 MT) and palm kernel oil was 2,500 MT (200 MT).

Total import in January-September reached 642,300 MT, a slight rise by 3.7% from 619,400 MT at the same time last year.  Coconut oil was 408,300 MT, a leap by 19.6% from prior year at 341,300 MT.  About 55.7% or 227,700 MT (217,500 MT) of coconut oil import came from the Philippines.  On the other hand, palm kernel oil was 234,000 MT (278,100 MT).  Bulk of delivery (88.8%) at 207,800 MT (234,500 MT) came from Indonesia.

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