Thursday, September 7, 2017

Vita Coco, a favorite coconut water beverage, has teamed up with Generation Hope, a cause-oriented, non-profit foundation, for the ‘Vita Coco Hope in a Coconut’ program to help improve the lives of local coconut farmers. The Program is just a part of Vita Coco’s long-term, ongoing global mission to Give, Grow, and Guide and make a meaningful impact not just on their customers, but on the lives of the people they work with. 

The program provides farmers with quality coconut seedlings and teaches them the best farming methods and practices. They are taught how to generate more sources of income by simply planting other types of crops among their coconut trees as well. The program also promotes education, giving the coconut farmers’communities access to better learning environments by constructing more classrooms.

The Vita Coco Hope in a Coconut program allows Vita Coco consumers to directly lend a hand and become a part of strengthening the coconut farming community in that for every pack purchases, five pesos go straight to the funds of the program. 

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