Thursday, July 13, 2017

Official data from the  Philippine Statistics Authority show 16 non-traditional coconut products generated revenue of more than USD100,000 during the month to qualify in the sector’s top exports list.  These are: hydrogenated coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, coconut water, glycerin, bukayo, bath soap,coco milk powder, nata de coco, soap chips, coir & coir products, shampoo, coco peat/dust, fresh coconut, coco chips, vinegar and liquid coconut milk.

HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL, this month’s top non-traditional export product, generated USD15.392 million from shipment of 7,870 MT.  This month volume multiplied by more than 231 times year-ago figure at 34 MT.  Leading destination was the United States, capturing 5,479 MT (69.6%), followed far behind by Canada at 791 MT (10.0%), United Kingdom at 536 MT (6.8%), Australia at 210 MT (2.7%), Brazil at 208 MT (2.6%), Japan at 136 MT (1.7%), Belgium at 110 MT (1.4%), and 14 other countries which shared the remaining volume of 401 MT (5.1%).

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL had gross export receipts of USD5.353 million from the sale of 1,538 MT.  Total volume was behind by  38.2% from year-ago figure at 2,490 MT.  Spain was top destination cornering 501 MT (32.6%), trailed by Canada at 307 MT (20.0%), United States at 177 MT (11.5%) and Netherlands at 106 MT (6.9%).   Seventeen other countries absorbed the balance of 448 MT (29.1%). 

COCONUT WATER took the third spot with gross export receipts of USD4.435 million from sale of 3,568,118 liters. The total volume was 48.0% below the previous year at 6,864,511 liters.  The United States was primary destination controlling 2,012,567 liters (56.4%), followed far behind by United Kingdom at 480,393 liters (13.5%), Netherlands at 270,886 liters (7.6%), Brazil at 269,213 liters (7.5%) and France at 150,500 liters (4.2%). Thirteen other countries were recipients of the remainder amounting to 384,559 liters (10.8%).
Fourth in rank GLYCERIN recorded proceeds of USD2.579 million from delivery of 3,322 MT. Shipment during the month was  35.7% short of the previous year total at 5,162 MT.  Japan was principal destination at 1,785 MT (53.7 %), followed distance behind by China at 750 MT (22.6%), Thailand at 363 MT (10.9%) and 11 other countries which bought the remaining 424 MT (12.8%). 

BUKAYO (sweetened fresh coconut meat) with turnover of USD1.022 million from overseas purchases of 384 MT landed fifth.  Last year tonnage was a minor 1 MT only.  South Korea was the market leader capturing 65 MT (17.0%), trailed by Japan at 60 MT (15.5%), Taiwan at 54 MT (14.1%), Malaysia at 52 MT (13.6%), United Kingdom at 45 MT (11.8%) and 20 other countries which were responsible for the residual 108 MT (28.0%). 

Sixth top export BATH SOAP turned in USD734,485 from dealings covering 472 MT.  Shipment during the month was 24.6% lower than last year at 626 MT.  Indonesia was the chief destination at 125 MT (26.5%), trailed by Vietnam at 108 MT (22.9%), Thailand at 95 MT (20.2%), Saudi Arabia 57 MT (12.0%), and nine other countries with combined participation at 87 MT. 

COCO MILK POWDER which came in seventh generated income of USD515,321.  Tonnage at 341 MT showed a 40.3% deficit from 243 MT year-ago. There were only five country destinations led by United States at 165 MT (48.2%), followed by United Kingdom at 95 MT (27.8%), Belgium at 38 MT (11.2%), France at 25 MT (7.2%) and Germany at 19 MT (5.7%). 

NATA de COCO which earned USD399,029 from sale of 485 MT (258 MT year-ago) filled in the eighth place.  There were four country importers:  Japan which led the pack at 362 MT (74.5%), South Korea 56 MT (11.6%), China 52 MT (10.7%), and Malaysia 15 MT (3.1%). 

SOAP CHIPS was top 9 non-traditional export contributing USD351,185 from shipment of 160 MT, a sharp leap from 17 MT year-ago (+822.7%).  Delivery went only to three countries: Saudi Arabia at 97 MT (60.9%), United Arab Emirates 48 MT (30.0%) and Kuwait at 14 MT (9.0%). 

COIR & COIR PRODUCTS held the 10th position with earnings of USD332,725 from transactions involving 1,256 MT, a fractional drop from the previous year at 1,268 MT.  There were only five country buyers led by China at 807 MT (64.2%), followed by Malaysia at 372 MT (29.6%), Japan at 71 MT (5.7%), Australia at 5 MT and Taiwan at 1 MT. 

Completing the top 16 non-traditional exports were shampoo, coco peat/dust, fresh coconut, coco chips, vinegar and liquid coconut milk.  SHAMPOO had turnover of USD259,435 from trade of 116 MT (76 MT year-ago).  There were six country destinations:  Mongolia at 46 MT (39.3%), United Arab Emirates 32 MT (27.7%), Singapore 30 MT (26.2%), Hong Kong 4 MT (3.9%), Australia 2 MT (1.8%) and United States 1 MT. 

COCO PEAT/DUST generated USD179,673 from purchases amounting to 2,648 MT (554 MT).  There were only three countries destinations: China at 1,444 MT (54.5%), Malaysia at 1,178 MT (44.5%) and Japan at 26 MT (1.0%). 

FRESH COCONUT contributed USD146,239 from delivery of 224,550 nuts (1,207,532 nuts). United Kingdom was the primary destination at 94,965 nuts (42.3%), trailed by Hong Kong at 72,500 nuts (32.3%), United States at 53,920 nuts (24.0%)and Japan at 3,165 nuts (1.4%). 

COCO CHIPS reported receipts of USD142,560 from the sale of 31 MT (no shipment year-ago).  United States was the only country destination. 

VINEGAR earnings amounted to USD141,723 from dealings of 101 MT (3 MT).  There were only four markets: United States at 49 MT (48.8%), Australia at 29 MT (29.1%), Canada at 14 MT (14.1%), and Netherlands at 8 MT. 

LIQUID COCONUT MILK grossed USD102,561 from shipment of 61 MT (416 MT).  United States and France were the only buyers with respective volume at 36 MT (59.5%) and 25 MT (40.5%).

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