Thursday, August 31, 2017

Official data from the  Philippine Statistics Authority show 16 non-traditional coconut products generated revenue of more than USD100,000 during the month to qualify in the sector’s top exports list.  These are: coconut water, virgin coconut oil, hydrogenated coconut oil, glycerin, coco milk powder, nata de coco, toilet/bath soap, coconut milk liquid, soap chips, coir products, shampoo, fresh coconut, coco peat/dust, coco chips, coco flour, vinegar.

COCONUT WATER, this month’s top non-traditional export product, generated USD12.207 million from shipment of 10,326,684 liters.  The volume augmented by  84.7%  year-ago total at 5,591,087 liters.  The United States was almost an exlusive destination controlling 6,451,329 liters (62.5% of total).  Limited volume went to China at 850,592 liters (8.2%), United Kingdom 537,434 liters (5.2%), Canada 512,504 liters (5.0%), France 442,198 liters (4.3%), Netherlands 357,418 liters (3.5%), Brazil 350,005 liters (3.4%), Australia 178,858 liters (1.7%), Sweden 145,215 liters (1.4%), Hong Kong 128,897 liters (1.2%).  Eleven other countries shared the balance of 372,233 liters (3.6%).

Second placer VIRGIN COCONUT OIL had gross export receipts of USD8.102 million from the sale of 2,235 MT.  Total load was behind by  38.2% from year-ago figure at 3,618 MT.  United States was top destination cornering 954 MT (42.7%), followed far behind by Germany at 402 MT (18.0%), Canada at 300 MT (13.4%) and Brazil 280 MT (12.5%). Twenty other countries absorbed the remainder of 299 MT (13.4%).

HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL which took the third spot turned in USD4.747 million from trade of 1,679 MT (no export recorded year-ago).  The United States was primary destination at 828 MT (49.3%), with smaller volume going to Canada at 199 MT (11.8%), Hong Kong at 156 MT (9.3%), China at 149 MT (8.9%), Belgium at 106 MT (6.3%) and nine other countries with combined uptake of 240 MT (14.3%).

Fourth in rank GLYCERIN recorded proceeds of USD3.521 million from delivery of 5,033 MT. Shipment during the month was  66.7% higher compared to previous year total at 3,019 MT.  Japan was principal destination at 2,048 MT (40.7 %), followed distance behind by China at 1,204 MT (23.9%), United States at 850 MT (16.9%), Thailand at 306 MT (6.1%), Pakistan at 201 MT (4.0%) and five other countries which bought the remaining 424 MT (8.4%).

COCO MILK POWDER with turnover of USD1.182 million from overseas purchases of 233 MT landed fifth.  Last year tonnage was only 105 MT.  The United States was market leader capturing 87 MT (37.4%), trailed by France at 66 MT (28.1%), Japan 55 MT (23.6%) and five others which were responsible for the remaining 25 MT (10.9%).

Sixth top export NATA DE COCO earned USD1.138 million from dealings covering 830 MT.  Shipment during the month almost doubled last year at 430 MT (+92.9%).  Canada was chief destination at 239 MT (28.7%), trailed by Japan at 176 MT (21.2%), China at 104 MT (12.5%), United Arab Emirates at 103 MT (12.4%), United States at 56 MT (6.8%), South Korea at 51 MT (6.2%) and 10 other countries with combined participation of 100 MT (12.1%)

TOILET/BATH SOAP which placed seventh generated income of USD955,160. Tonnage at 622 MT was 1.6% up from 612 MT year-ago. Indonesia was the leading destination at 292 MT (46.9%), tracked by Vietnam at 125 MT (20.2%), Singapore 62 MT (10.0%), United Arab Emirates 53 MT (8.5%), Thailand 42 MT (6.8%), while a dozen other countries shared the remaining 47 MT (7.6%).

COCONUT MILK LIQUID  with earnings of USD610,351 from sale of 372 MT (630 MT year-ago) filled in the eighth place.  The United States took in bulk of the shipment at 206 MT (55.2%).  Limited volumes went to Canada 57 MT (15.4%), Portugal 40 MT (10.7%) and five other countries with combined uptake at 69 MT (18.7%).

SOAP CHIPS was top nine non-traditional export contributing USD383,785 from shipment of 133 MT, an improvement by 14.5% from 116 MT year-ago. There were only three country destinations: Saudi Arabia 91 MT (68.7%), United Arab Emirates at 27 MT (20.0%) and Kuwait at 15 MT (11.3%).

COIR PRODUCTS held the 10th position with proceeds amounting to USD290,887 from dealings involving 990 MT (1 MT year-ago).  There were only four counry buyers led by China at 798 MT (80.6%), Malaysia 118 MT (11.9%), Japan 69 MT (7.0%) and Australia at 5 MT.

Completing the top 16 non-traditional exports were shampoo,  fresh coconut, coco peat/dust, coco chips, coco flour and vinegar.  SHAMPOO had turnover of USD244,646 from trade of 99 MT (612 MT year-ago).  United Arab Emirates was leading destination at 49 MT (49.4%), followed by Mongolia at 22 MT (22.1%), United States 14 MT (13.8%) and six others which shared the balance of 15 MT (14.8%).

FRESH COCONUT generated USD228,442 from purchases amounting to 108,849 nuts  (385,141 nuts).  There were only four country importers: Hong Kong at 54,000 nuts (49.6%), United States at 49,727 nuts (45.7%), Japan at 4,965 nuts (4.6%) and Germany at 157 nuts .

COCO PEAT/DUST contributed USD192,317 from delivery of 2,830 MT (649 MT). China was virtually an excluside market at 2,284 MT (80.7%) while smaller quantities were delivered to Malaysia at 508 MT (17.9%), and three other countries with combined uptake of 39 MT (1.4%). 

COCO CHIPS reported receipts of USD163,432 from the sale of 51 MT (no shipment year-ago).  There were only three country recipients: United States which was the primary destination at 26 MT (51.2%), Sweden at 15 MT (29.7%) and South Korea at 10 MT (19.1%).

COCO FLOUR trade was valued USD157,904 from 189 MT (127 MT).  Netherlands captured 52 MT (27.5%), followed by Taiwan at 35 MT (18.7%), United States at 34 MT (17.9%), Canada at 32 MT (17.0%) and five other countries which collectively bought 36 MT (18.9%).

VINEGAR grossed USD104,774 from orders of 126 MT (no export recorded year-ago).  Saudi Arabia was top buyer at 50 MT (39.3%), followed by United States at 23 MT (18.2%), Papua New Guinea at 20 MT (15.9%), Sri Lanka 16 MT (12.7%) and five others which jointly held 18 MT (13.9%).

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