Cargill Launches De-Oiled Rapeseed Lecithin

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cargill’s new de-oiled lecithin product which makers of baked foods and snacks can include as an allergen-free, label-friendly ingredient is certified non-GMO.  The launch of de-oiled rapeseed lecithin is Cargill’s response to address European demand for more transparency to food production. 

According to Cargill, the de-oiled lecithin is sourced from Central European crops, with customers now able to select GMO and non-GMO lecithin products that are soy, sunflower or rapeseed-derived.  Its introduction in Europe mirrors that across the Atlantic, where the product portfolio has been available in the US and Canada since 2016.  Cargill is one of a handful of suppliers offering de-oiled non-GMO lecithins.  Along with ADM, other European lecithin specialists include German-based Leico and Austrian firm Lecital. 

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