Sri Lanka Desiccated Coconut Export Down in December 2017

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Figures from Sri Lanka’s Coconut Development Authority show the country’s export of desiccated coconut was sharply down in December 2017.  Total at 986 MT shrank by 72.1% from December year-earlier at 3,541 MT. The shipment was worth USD3.279 million, declining sharply by 60.5% from prior year at USD8.309  million. Average traded price was calculated at USD3,325.61/MT FOB, a substantial increase by 41.7% from prior year at USD2,346.59/MT. 

The cumulative January-December export figure at 29,418 MT declined steeply by 40.2% from a comparable year-ago period data at 49,206 MT.  Corresponding revenue totaled USD88.804 million to record a deficit of 15.9% from USD105.632 million at the same time year-ago.

Export in December went to at least 27 countries.  Key markets were the United States at 188 MT (19.1%) and Brazil at 102 MT (10.3%).  Substantial volumes likewise were shipped to Canada at 73 MT, Saudi Arabia at 73 MT, Germany 71 MT, Iran  67 MT, France 61 MT, Portugal 51 MT  which collectively accounted for 40.2%.  The remaining 19 countries took in volume ranging 1-36 MT and jointly comprised 30.4% of the market. 

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