...Virgin Coconut Oil Export Dropped as Well

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Figures from Sri Lanka’s Coconut Development Authority also show the country’s export of virgin coconut oil in December plunged to 807 MT from prior year at 1,524 MT (-47%).  Revenue at USD4.488 million likewise dropped from USD6.441 million of the previous year. Computed average traded price during the month leaped 31.6% to USD5,561/MT FOB fromUSD4,226.  

For calendar year 2017, shipment was down by 11.3% to 13,816 MT from 15,585 MT in a similar period year-ago.  Shipment value at USD69.442 million increased by 2.3% from previous year at USD67.881 million. Average traded price at USD5,026/MT FOB was up by 15.4% from prior year at USD4,356/MT.   

Export during the 12-month period went to at least 73 countries. Top buyer was the United States at 3,848 MT (27.8%), trailed by Germany at 3,159 MT (22.9%) and Australia 1,976 MT (14.3%). The next twelve importers collectively accounted for 25.3%, namely United Kingdom 875 MT, Sweden 386 MT, Canada 382, Netherlands 377 MT, Israel 282 MT, France 249 MT, UAE/Dubai 193 MT, Taiwan 184 MT, Chile 183 MT, Japan 149 MT, Pakistan 134 MT and Denmark 103 MT.  The remaining 58 countries which aggregately accounted for 9.7% took in volume ranging 1-82 MT.

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