Southeast Asian Coco Water Brand to Rely on Direct-to-Consumer Online Marketing in the US

Thursday, April 26, 2018

CoAqua coconut water brand can be found primarily in high-end five start hotels and luxury resorts such as the Four Seasons in the Asia Pacific region.  It  is pursuing the direct-to-consumer online channel as it expands into the US market.  Founder Grier Govorko, who lived for a number of years in Southeast Asia on a remote island off the coast of Thailand, launched CoAqua three years ago.  
  The company sources its young green coconuts from farms outside of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where it also processes, pasteurizes, and bottles its coconut water.  CoAqua looks distinctly different than most coconut water brands in the market in terms of packaging as it is in single-serve clear glass bottles with a mettalic pull tab cap.  One advantage of being in glass is that the product tastes naturally sweet compared to other coconut waters in carton or plastic containers, Govorko claimed. 
While still new to the US market, Govorko says he feels “confident” about its online approach.  He added that CoAqua is targeting and gaining a following with “health-aware” consumers who are bit “hip” and fall within the mid-20s to late-40s age range.  CoAqua products are currently available online through its company website in 12-pack cases for $48.  In its quest to establish itself as the “go-to” premium coconut water brand, CoAqua is considering adding new flavors to its lineup.

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