Performance of Ph’s Top Non-Traditional Coco Products Export in March

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Official data from the Philippine Statistics Authority show nearly a dozen non-traditional coconut products generated revenue of more than USD100,000 during the month to qualify in the sector’s top exports list. These were: coconut water, virgin coconut oil, glycerin, coir/coir products, coconut milk liquid, coconut milk powder, coco flour, peat/dust, fresh coconut, bath soap and bukayo.

COCONUT WATER, this month’s top non-traditional export product, generated USD6.389 million from shipment of 6.698 million liters.  The volume was 87.7% higher than last year at 3.568 million liters.  The US was primary destination controlling 4.799 million liters (71.6% of total), followed far behind by France at 575,212 liters (8.6%) and United Kingdom at 542,051 liters (8.1%).  Smaller volumes went to Netherlands at 190,040 liters (2.8%), Canada at 151,721 liters (2.3%) and China at 126,961 liters (1.9%).  Ten other countries shared the balance of 313,103 liters (4.7%).

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL had gross export receipts of USD5.380 million from sale of 1,500 MT and settled in the second place.  Volume was 38 MT short of year-ago at 1,538 MT.  The US was market leader, capturing 541 MT (36.1%), followed some distance behind by Germany at 310 MT (20.7%), United Kingdom 130 MT (8.7%), Sri Lanka 107 MT (7.1%) and 18 other countries with combined import of 411 MT (27.4%). 

GLYCERIN which took the third spot turned in USD2.879 million from trade of 2,394 MT.  Tonnage during the month was 27.9% below the previous year at 3,322 MT. Japan was top destination at 1,610 MT (67.3%), followed far behind by China at 406 MT (17.0%).  Limted amounts went to Italy at 153 MT (6.4%), Malaysia 73 MT (3.0%) and six other countries with combined uptake of 150 MT. 

Fourth in rank COIR & COIR PRODUCTS recorded proceeds of USD2.105 million from delivery of 2,686 MT. Total load jumped 111.8% from the previous year at 1,268 MT.  There were only three country destinations with China as leader at 1,942 MT (72.3%), followed by Spain at 559 MT (20.8%) and Japan at 185 MT (6.9%). 

COCONUT MILK LIQUID with turnover of USD944,719 from overseas purchases of 568 MT (102 MT year-ago) landed fifth.  United States was leading outlet at 205 MT (36.0%), trailed by Mexico at 194 MT (34.2%), Australia 78 MT (13.8%) and five other countries which collectively took in 91 MT.

Sixth top export COCO MILK POWDER had income of USD763,223 from dealings covering 152 MT (341 MT).  United States and France were key markets capturing 40 MT (26.3%) apiece, followed by Mexico 20 MT (13.2%) and five other countries with total intake of 52 MT. 

COCO FLOUR which took the seventh slate, generated USD460,995 in foreign exchange receipts. Tonnage was 273 MT (80 MT).  The US captured the biggest market share at 93 MT (34.1%), tracked by Australia at 43 MT (15.6%), Iraq 39 MT (14.2%), Chile 22 MT (8.1%) and five other countries with combined purchases of 77 MT.

PEAT/DUST held the eighth slot after earning USD219,967 from sale of 3,713 MT, a much higher volume by 40.2% compared to previous year at 2,648 MT. There were only three country destinations.  China was almost an exclusive buyer at 3,591 MT (96.7%).  The other two destinations were South Korea at 95 MT (2.5%) and Japan at 28 MT. 

FRESH COCONUT was top nine non-traditional export contributing USD163,332 from shipment of 129,797 nuts (224,550 nuts). There were only four country buyers: Hong Kong at 81,000 nuts (62.4%), US 47,404 nuts (36.5%), Japan 1,200 nuts and Germany 193 nuts

BATH SOAP held the 10th position with proceeds of USD181,436 from transactions  involving 127 MT (472 MT). The US was principal market at 80 MT (62.9%), followed far behind by Indonesia at 21 MT (16.4%), Malaysia 19 MT (15.3%) and nine other countries with combined uptake of 7 MT.

Completing the top 11 non-traditional exports was BUKAYO (sweetened coconut meat) with revenue of USD117,577 from load of 30 MT (384 MT).  There were only four country outlets:  Malaysia which took in bulk of the shipment at 22 MT (73.4%), followed by Papua New Guinea 4 MT (12.9%), American Samoa 3 MT (9.3%), Marshall Islands 1 MT (4.1%). 

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