...Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Deliveries of desiccated coconut in December totaled 6,444 MT and valued USD15.026 million.  The US remained principal buyer with purchases at 1,423 MT (22.1%), closely followed by Netherlands 1,319 MT (20.5%) and Australia at 695 MT (10.8%) which completied the top three importers.  The next four destinations, France 329 MT, Canada 326 MT, China 259 MT, United Kingdom 212 MT together accounted for 17.5%.  

Nine countries took in volume in the 100 MT level (102-189 MT range) and jointly comprised 20.3% of the market: Brazil, Germany, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Taiwan, Russia, Malaysia.  On the other hand, 22 other countries took in much smaller volume ranging 1-68 MT and collectively contributed 7.1%: Ecuador, Portugal, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Colombia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Georgia, Mexico, Hungary, Norway, New Zealand, Argentina, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Greece.

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