...Of Coco Shelll Products

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Overseas purchases of coconut shell charcoal in January amounted to 2,864 MT worth USD1.598 million.  There were only three country buyers reported. Leading the pack was Japan with 1,685 MT (58.8%), trailed by China with 1,087 MT (38.0%) and South Korea 92 MT (3.2%).
Activated carbon export, in contrast, had diverse market.   In the same month, export was placed at 6,216 MT with proceeds amounting to USD11.005 million.  Key markets were Japan with 988 MT (15.9%) and the US with 986 MT (15.9%) with Germany and South Korea holding the third and fourth slots  at 708 MT (11.4%) and 501 MT (8.1%), respectively.  
A dozen countries took in volume ranging 115-323 MT for a total of 2,427 MT equivalent to 39% market share, namely China, Russia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Italy, Mali, Ghana.  A dozen more took in much lower volume ranging 7-91 MT for a total of 610 MT and market share of 9.8%: South Africa, Spain, Belgium, Peru, Sweden, Thailand, Finland, Romania, France, Egypt, Chile, Singapore.   

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