Indonesia Calls on UK to Adopt Equivalent Regulations for Rapeseed

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Indonesia has called on the United Kingdom to implement equivalent regulations for rapeseed oil as stipulated in the Due Diligence policy it is looking to apply to palm oil, in order to achieve proper ‘mutual recognition’ of each other’s regulatory frameworks, reports the FoodNavigator-Asia on September 08.   The proposed Due Diligence policy would make it compulsory for palm oil importers in the UK declare whether their imports have negative environmental impacts and make them take the responsibility for these, which would increase the likelihood of them avoiding countries with poor track records such as South East Asian countries like Indonesia. 
UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) invited stakeholders, including the Indonesian government, to participate in the consultation for this to which Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Mahendra’s Siregar has responded by writing to British Ambassador to Jakarta Owen Jenkins asking for more in depth discussion before even talking about the Due Diligence framework.
Rapeseed oil is a key UK and EU crop which is primarily used in biodiesel.  Palm oil has emerged as a major threat to the rapeseed industry over the past several years, and some experts believe that the UK’s palm oil policy stems from a protectionist attitude over rapeseed.  

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