...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Shipment in September of desiccated coconut at 13,678 MT generated USD26.250 million in foreign exchange receipts.  Of 45 destinations recorded this month, 19 or 42% had orders no lower than 100 MT.  The US continued to top the list with purchases of 3,921 MT representing 28.7% of total trade, with the Netherlands trailing behind with 2,190 MT (16.0%).  The next six buyers together accounted for 30.4%: United Kingdom 857 MT, Russia 851 MT, Canada 757 MT, Australia 592 MT, Germany 551 MT, Malaysia 548 MT.

Nearly a dozen countries (11) took in volume ranging 104-369 MT and collectively comprised 18.7% of the market.  This included Thailand, China, Japan, Belgium, Israel, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, Ecuador, France. On the other hand, 26 countries had uptakes below 100 MT, in the range 0.35-93 MT, and shared 6.5% of the market.  This consisted of New Zealand, Brazil, Egypt, Taiwan, Chile, Norway, Syria, Hong Kong, Spain, Kuwait, Sweden, Ireland, Argentina, Paraguay, South Africa, Italy, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Venezuela, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Singapore.

...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Shipment of desiccated coconut in August totaled 13,103 MT with turnover of USD24.296 million.  The US continued to take the lead, besting 41 other countries, with uptake at 3,432 MT (26.2%), followed by the Netherlands at 1,824 MT (13.9%) and Canada at 1,009 MT (7.7%), which comprised the top three markets. 

The next five destinations together accounted for 28.4% of the market: Russia 897 MT, United Kingdom 847 MT, Australia 794 MT, China 606 MT, Germany 574 MT. Countries with orders ranging 115-407 MT jointly contributed 16.5% namely, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, France, Uruguay, South Africa.

Countries with purchases below 100 MT (3-88 MT range) shared 7.3%.  This comprised of the following: Spain, Norway, Indonesia, Sweden, Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Costa Rica, Poland, Israel, Chile, Switzerland, Ireland, Paraguay, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Georgia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Portugal, New Zealand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, and Vietnam.

...Of Desiccated Coconut

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Desiccated coconut export at 14,982 MT turned in USD27.321 million in July. The product was delivered to 41 various countries overseas. The US was still a primary market with uptake at 3,725 MT accounting for 24.9% of total trade, with Netherlands and Russia trailing as second and third, respectively, at volume of 2,407 MT (16.1%) and 1,398 MT (9.3%).  The next set of buyers collectively accounted for 25.3% namely, United Kingdom 868 MT, Canada 856 MT, Australia 844 MT, Malaysia 633 MT, and China 592 MT.
Some 13 countries had purchases ranging 101-404 MT during the month and jointly contributed 20.2% to total sales. This included Japan, Germany, Thailand, France, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, South Korea, Colombia, Chile, Sweden, and Taiwan. On the other hand, 20 other countries took in loads lower than 100 MT in the range 3-87 MT and comprised 4.3% of the market. This group was composed of:  Poland, Egypt, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Lithuania, Ireland, Hong Kong, South Africa,  Israel,  Switzerland,  United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Serbia,  El Salvador, Greece,  Saudi Arabia, Vietnam.

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