Sri Lanka Coconut Kernel Products Export Up in January-November 2020

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Figures from Sri Lanka Coconut Development Authority show, the country’s export of coconut kernel products increased 16 percent in January-November 2020 to Rs58,043.44 million (USD313.46 million) from Rs49,934.41 million (USD279.79 million) in a similar period year-ago.  Coconut milk, desiccated coconut and virgin coconut oil were the top three export revenue generators with combined receipts during the period of Rs38,608.47 million or 67 percent of aggregate foreign trade of coconut kernel products. 
The top three foreign exchange earners showed substantial year-on-year increases in turnover in 2020 except for desiccated coconut which recorded decline.  This trend was also mirrored in volume traded.  Coconut milk export leaped 26 percent to 47,996 MT from 38,101 MT, virgin coconut oil climbed 16 percent to 13,476 MT from 11,575 MT, while desiccated coconut contracted 41 percent to 27,477 MT from 46,607 MT. 
The next five major foreign exchange earners contributed 28% of total revenue with Rs16,418.97 million.  This included coconut cream, coconut milk powder, coconut oil, coconut water and fresh nuts, in that order.  Revenues depicted marked increases over last year except for fresh nuts.  However, in terms of volume traded, decline was also noted in coconut milk powder apart from fresh nuts. Respective export volumes are shown following, in MT: coconut cream 13,675 (10,003 year-earlier), coconut milk powder 6,350 (6,750), coconut oil 4,900 (3,280), coconut water 11,723 (4,489), fresh nuts (‘000 nuts) 14,934 (19,269).

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